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Comment Evolutionary Intent vs Random Accidents (Score 1) 262

This article seems to assume that there's some guiding philosophy beyond evolution. Nope, it's just random chance and selection. Mutations happen, and sometimes they kill the host (usually they get weeded by the immune system).

Another problem with this article is that it seems to say that "cancer" is a single disease. There are lots and lots of different cancers, so saying that "cancer" is some kind of unified mechanism is bizarre. There's not a lot of relationship between lung cancer and leukemia, except that both involve mutations and failed apoptosis.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Setting up a Windows 10 Laptop 1

14erCleaner writes: I've been tasked with setting up a new HP Windows 10 laptop for a nonprofit group. While I have decades of experience with older Windows versions, so far I've dodged the forced upgrades, so this is my first Win10 experience. What should I be doing to get this set up smoothly? What should I install/uninstall/enable/disable? (Other than "format the disk and install Linux", which unfortunately isn't an option.)

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 365

I just closed mine, which I hadn't touched in two years anyway. I had to swim through about 20 popups offering me upgrades and "help" first, though. I was kind of surprised that they seem to have basically clones Facebook in a different color. Bizzarro Facebook World. I wonder how many of those "430 million" users are real?

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