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Submission + - Questions Remain Following RSA Cyber Attack (securityweek.com)

wiredmikey writes: After notifying customers on Thursday that it had been breached after hackers mounted a highly sophisticated cyber attack that has put its SecurID product at risk, RSA has yet to expand on the details and potential impact of the attack, leaving customers concerned and with many questions.

In the meantime, reactions are pouring in from customers and the information security community in general, some saying to prepare for the worst, and some brushing it off as not-so-serious incident.

Comment Not PCI compliant (Score 1) 136

How the heck do they get away with having retrievable credit card details in their db? Once the CC# is in the database it shouldn't be retrievable.

How many places out there don't actually follow this simple rule?

Where I work we were worried that the banks may turn off our credit card processing facilities if we don't get PCI compliant. And that is maybe 1/40 of the customer base.

I am really puzzled - how does Vodafone get away with this in the first place? No audits?

Comment Re:Poll timing (Score 1) 338

Not sure if that was just supposed to be funny, but slashdot only has its highest traffic rating in Bangladesh. Click on the Audience tab to find that 44.4% of all visitors are from the US.Bangladesh only brings in 1.1% of all visitors.


Apple Patches Massive Holes In OS X 246

Trailrunner7 writes with this snippet from ThreatPost: "Apple's first Mac OS X security update for 2010 is out, providing cover for at least 12 serious vulnerabilities. The update, rated critical, plugs security holes that could lead to code execution vulnerabilities if a Mac user is tricked into opening audio files or surfing to a rigged Web site." Hit the link for a list of the highlights among these fixes.
The Matrix

Submission + - Fate - is it a myth?

Matthendrix writes: "http://www.cavemanpower.com/forum/fate_is_it_a_myt h-t15.0.html How many time do you hear somebody say "oh, it was meant to happen" when reflecting on a misfortune? I hear it occasionally, and I find it fascinating, because by making that statement the person is actually implying some massive presuppositions. They include: * Belief that life is intelligently controlled by an ethereal power * Belief that they are part of a "grand" or "divine" plan Are these people just whistling in the dark? Too afraid to face the terrifying prospect that life is chaotic?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Dru Lavigne on differences between Linux and *BSD

Anonymous Coward writes: "In a blog entry, BSD guru Dru Lavigne is discussing blatant differences between the Linux and *BSD communities keeping in mind that culture is experiential and, above all, deals with generalizations. This analysis follows recent misconceptions found on the web about the BSDs."

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