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Comment Re:A stupid question... (Score 1) 304

In the integer case the type doesn't matter. '7' == 7 == ('7' + 0) == (7 . ''). If you look at how arrays are stored use an int as key isn't such a bad idea.

If you have '07' you would lose the leading zero.

BTW: I used 07 instead of 08 as numbers written as literal are treated as octal if they start with a zero.

Comment Re:An unemployed LAWYER was perhaps.... (Score 1) 554

Most people I know spend every minute they're at the computer wishing that the software they have to use was better, smarter, more efficient and more adapted to their way of working.

Actually most people I know either go "I'm just not a computer person" and leave it at that, or think they are already experts, but have no desire to improve the software they're using, just to brag about how good they are for assigning static IPs on a Windows machine, and are happy that they know how to do those things.

But regardless, it is still a choice. It's completely up to them if they want to invest the time and effort into learning programming and making a difference. Most people do the cost-benefit calculation, decide it's not worth it, and that's fine.

In fact, there's nothing that says people have to use computers at all. They make life a lot easier for most of us, but there are plenty of people who don't care, and get along fine without them.

People do not have this luxury when it comes to matters of law. You must comply, whether you like it or not. Educated or not, we're all supposed to obey the law.

Finally, failure to understand programming means some idle whining that the menus on this program suck, or that application takes too long to load. Failure to understand law means you get trapped with severe penalties for not abiding by rules you didn't even know existed. Be realistic.

Comment Re:Keep Reading... (Score 1) 162

Funny? Informative!

If we can control a bug with electrodes, it's not unfeasible that an arachnid could be controlled by chemicals from larva.

Rather scary, actually. It makes me proud to be a big mentally strong human being - which in truth, can get knocked out by about 50mg of some chemicals. :P

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