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Comment Re:Mobile phones have always been trackable. (Score 1) 193

Ah, yes. Phones with antenna's; I have such fond memories. I had a Blackberry 7520 up until last year. It was a Nextel/Mike phone. I was afraid I was going to get charged with manslaughter because one of the girls who worked at the cafe I was at almost died from laughter when she saw the phone.

There's always the old saying - "With enough TNT, you can solve any problem."

Comment Mobile phones have always been trackable. (Score 2) 193

This is just making it even easier than it already was.

If it was really necessary, it is possible to triangulate the location of your phone by determining which towers your phone was communicating with.

If your phone has a location feature, you'll notice that when you try to disable it you will be presented with the options "Location On" or "911 Only". There doesn't seem to be any way to completely disable this feature. At least this is the case on Motorola and Blackberry phones.

If you are concerned about someone being able to track your location via your cell phone, the safest way to ensure it won't happen is to pull the battery.

Comment It doesn't matter.. (Score 2, Insightful) 835

It doesn't matter if they teach you C, C++, FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembly, Visual Basic, LISP, Scheme, etc.

It doesn't matter if they force you to use emacs or vi.

It doesn't matter if they use Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc.

It isn't what they make you use. It's what they teach you that matters. A good university will teach you the ideas behind computing - how operating systems work in general. Nor should a university be predominant in any given language - they should be exposing you to several different languages that showcase the fundamental differences between them (i.e. procedural vs. functional vs. object-oriented).

What matters is that whatever it is that they teach you; will allow you to take any of the above technologies and be able to become proficient and productive with them. People get bent out of shape over a particular technology, but particular technologies either evolve or fade away in time. The foundation that was taught to me in university was sufficient to allow me to adopt new technologies, understand them and implement them within any environment as required.

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