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Comment Re:Here's the actual problem, (Score 3, Informative) 190

Hint: this is for Visa applications. That is, for foreigners who aren't allowed to visit America without one, and are supplying this information in their own country.

And it's for Visa applications from people who like to hang out with ISIS, which should be an automatic denial in any sane world.

Comment Re:In 18 years, a college degree will cost $0 (Score 1) 374

"Otherwise we wouldn't need universities"

But we don't need universities. Or, at least, we don't need them for more than a tiny fraction of the population.

"Sure, you can do online degrees, but they are held in contempt for the most part."

By people who believe a piece of paper is more important than what you can do. Fortunately, their day is coming to an end.

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