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Comment Re: Its easier to pick sides (Score 2, Insightful) 312

No, though Trump is more centre than right.

The left can't tolerate anyone who thinks differently to them, because their ideology is their identity. To disagree with them is to claim they're wrong, and they can't be wrong, because they're so much smarter than everyone else that they should be The Great Leader telling everyone what to do.

The right can handle diversity of opinion. The left can't. That's why the left always try to censor or murder anyone who disagrees with them.

Comment Re:What's changed? (Score 1, Troll) 312

"This may sound strange, but people who I've always considered "conservatives"/"Republicans"/"right-wingers" have started to express some of the most positive and hopeful sentiments."

Why would that be strange? We're watching the left self-destruct as they take identity politics to its inevitable conclusion and start to eat each other. I haven't felt this hopeful since the collapse of the USSR.

The right is driven by love of their family, their nation, and their communities. The left is driven by hatred of anyone who's different to them. The only reason you think it's strange is because the left have had better PR, thanks to decades spent infiltrating the media.

Comment Re:Its easier to pick sides (Score 1, Insightful) 312

If there's one thing the left can't stand, it's diversity.

Sure, they want to eat Mexican food, but they don't want anyone who thinks differently to them. Everyone must be a compliant drone in the hive-mind. Everyone must think and behave the same, or be sent to the death^H^H^H^Hre-education camps.

And, thus, we're heading at an accelerating pace toward civil war.

Comment Re:Leftism is causing more division and strife. (Score -1, Offtopic) 312

Pretty much. The left set out in the mid-20th century to take over most of the social institutions across the West. They've succeeded, and strife and hatred is the inevitable consequence.

Along with the collapse of those institutions, of course, because they can't both do their real job and make politics job #1.

Comment Re:Remember what broke the internet... (Score 2) 96

The underlying problem is that so much software is farmed out to Indian code-monkeys who have no idea how to program, so they just copy-and-paste whatever they find on the web. They'll have a new job in three months anyway, so why would they care that the software is crap, insecure and unsupportable?

Comment Re:Libreoffice is a thing (Score 1) 217

"Something as simple as bullet points and modifying paragraphs spacing or adjusting the indentation on the ruler is enough to reveal its many flaws"

How strange. That's exactly what I could have said about Word.

And at least I can figure out where to find things in LibreOffice, whereas I can never tell where anything will be hidden in Word's 'Ribbon'.

Comment Re: Is that really going to catch terrorists? (Score 0) 505

"Prove me wrong."

Uh, dude... you're the one asking to come to America. Immigration don't have to prove you wrong. They just have to say 'entry denied, get on the next plane home.'

And, don't forget, lying on an immigration form can get you immediate deportation and a lifetime ban.

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