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Submission + - Snowden renews Russian asylum request

0111 1110 writes: In a statement to representatives of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, a human rights representative for Russian parliament, and others Snowden has announced that he intends to reapply for asylum in Russia until or unless he can secure promises of safe passage from the European countries who effectively grounded Bolivian President Morale's plane last week due to rumors that Snowden was on board.

Submission + - Venezuela and Nicaragua offer Snowden asylum

0111 1110 writes: Following an UNASUR bloc meeting of South American leaders in Bolivia on Thursday and as Spain corroborates Bolivian President Morales' account of the effective grounding and search of his aircraft in Austria by France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, President Maduro of Venezuela has made NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden an offer of unconditional "humanitarian asylum" in his country. Following this announcement President Ortega of Nicaragua also offered asylum "if circumstances permit it". Snowden had previously applied for asylum in both countries.
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Submission + - Interplay's ex-CEO Brian Fargo kickstarts Wasteland II (kickstarter.com)

0111 1110 writes: Attempting to emulate Double Fine's success to fund another currently dead genre of computer game, Brian Fargo of Interplay fame has started a kickstarter project for a sequel to his 1988 Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic RPG which inspired Fallout. It will be turn based and party based with a top down perspective and 2D graphics. Fargo has managed to attract many of the original developers such as Alan Pavlish and Mike Stackpole as well as Jason Anderson who was a designer for Fallout and Mark Morgan, who did the music for Planescape: Torment and both of the original Fallout games. Fargo's goal has been set at $900,000. Anything above that will be used for additional game content. At 1.5 million he will offer an OS X version. See interviews here and here for some additional insight into what he and his group are planning.

Submission + - Proof that Javascript is Unsafe.

0111 1110 writes: The Inquirer is reporting that Billy Hoffman of Spy Dynamics has released some code "to illustrate how insecure Javascript is within all web browsers". "The only way to avoid the glitch, should it potentially become widely used, is to turn off Javascript within the browser by default, and enable it only for sites that you trust." Even better than the Security Zones of Internet Explorer, however, is Firefox with the NoScript extension. But what does Opera have? When are web site developers going to stop using active scripting where HTML could be used just as easily? People have ignored the dangers of Javascript for too long.

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