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Comment Re:This shouldn't be news. (Score 1) 51

Just great! I can jailbreak my kindle read any format now...

With a binary written by someone i don't know and am forced to trust because i can't write or disassemble code. (21st century illiterate. )

Do i trust Amazon to make the kindle less user friendly and progressively more expensive with user lock-in or.. $Random programmer to be honest without anyone reviewing the source code?

I Would love the convenience of a kindle but for this question.

Comment Re:Cameras can see things? (Score 1) 107

The Stasi would of loved this anyone can be monitored on a moments notice. Nixon would of loved this Jack Anderson? not so much. W. Mark Felt Watergate's "Deep Throat" and Washington Post reporters would have found it difficult. Reporters everywhere will need a new way to protect their sources. Maybe a website you can upload encrypted documents to...

Any ideas?

Comment Re:The core question.... (Score 1) 464

These changed addresses do they begin with 10 or 192? Does renewing your routers address actually give you a new *external" address when you ask for it?

  That doesn't typically work in the where i'm at (U.S.) ISPs had problems with users sending spam or denial of service attacks then requesting fresh addresses over and over again.

Honestly, I replied because about a decade ago looking smart was important. I've found it much easier to ask questions.

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