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Comment Re:bbbbut downloading is so cool (Score 2) 206

Probably true.

If the console is "digital download focused", it's likely the game on the disk will be a hard-copy of the downloadable files, with a code to unlock the game. You insert the disk, enter the code, authenticate with your account, wait for the files to install, and then promptly throw all physical media away, because it's useless to anyone else now.

For households with no internet, you'll have to do phone activation.

... I'm sad now. We live in a horrible world.

Comment The main problem is... (Score 5, Insightful) 487

The main problem is indeed the policies. While I (mostly) agree with the main statements TFA makes, I have my own note to add:

My bank's website enforces a MAXIMUM length. I'd love to have a password like "c0rr3c7 h0r53 b4773ry st4p13", but I can't use more than 6 characters.
Yes, you read that right. 6 characters. Maximum.

I fear for my online bank info constantly .
Why would there ever be a reason to enforce such a small maximum length? I don't get it.

Comment Re:The real added value: (Score 1) 102

I can see it now: You're watching the video feed, and you see that your TV is missing (it was stolen! OH NO!). Moments later, the space where your TV was is filled with the ghostly image of a Samsung® 60" LED TV with Quatron® Technology using augmented reality. Clicking the image charges the TV to your Comcast account (along with a Comcast convenience fee), and instructs the installers where to hook it up. It also orders you a Comcast cable box, and monthly service to go with it.

Comment Re:Analogy Pendant (Score 1) 205

Brewing beer isn't free. Unless you already own the equipment and ingredients, buying them can run you over $150 per batch. Then you have to count the time-consuming process of sanitizing the equipment, actually brewing beer, bottling it (hope you saved those bottles too!), and then drinking it before it expires (unless you can find some way to pasteurize it). However, if you do decide to do it, it is a very rewarding experience. Not free... but rewarding.

Comment Re:Yikes! (Score 1) 268

I just had this incredible vision of Steve Ballmer in zero-g whipping a chair hard enough that it falls into a stable orbit. One of those plastic, foldable brown ones... maybe with the word "Microsoft" embossed on the back.

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