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Comment Our son is 9 months old (Score 3, Insightful) 311

and we decided he will not look at a TV/PC/phone screen before he is two years old as a minimum. We instead try to spend as much as time possible with him doing activities appropriate for a 9 months old baby. Maybe this is the reason why he is so active and curious about what happens around him.... And no, I am not a tech luddite (I am a physicist).

Submission + - Optical camouflage used to render car interiors invisible (

An anonymous reader writes: Keio University in Japan is using optical camouflage to make the interior of a car effectively invisible. Professor Masahiko Inami at Keio University believes the camo can be adapted so the driver would no longer see the interior of the car as it is replaced with a constantly updated exterior view.

That may be jarring at first, but it does make a lot of sense from a visibility perspective. Nothing outside is hidden from the driver, and turning to see where you are reversing would allow the driver to see very clearly what obstacles there are. Importantly, the projection retains a sense of depth as to where things actually are in relation to the vehicle. Another advantage of such a system is it can render daylight visuals even when it’s dark outside, again meaning better visibility for the driver.

Comment Re:Moral of the Story (Score 3, Informative) 459

Italian physicist here...
Your claims about Berlusconi government are not correct. Unfortunately all the italian governments did their best to marginalize science and research, with the possible exception of those acting during the 1946-1975 interval, when there was the need to develop the italian nuclear industry. After the politicians had their nuclear toy, they threw it away a few years later, without worrying about the need of a new national research program to replace nuclear energy with something different. I got my degree in 1987, and I decided it was better to work for the industry.

Our country just celebrated the 150th anniversary, but I heard no words from a single politician recognizing the fact that one of the things that glued together the country from the very beginning was science. When our country was founded in 1961, it wasn't ever clear which official language to use, but scientists from different parts of Italy were closely working together from the very beginning. Draw your own conclusions...

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