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Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

In my experience in technical support, sharing "the why" makes users more cooperative. If you say "Do X and tell me what happens", users may underestimate the importance of doing X. If you say "I think I know what the problem is, but I need you to do X and tell me what happens to be sure" or "To check and make sure that Y is not the problem, I need you to do X and tell me if Z happens" then they realize it's an important step in getting the problem fixed.

Comment Re:Oh yeah? (Score 1) 145

Why are you leaving a visitor alone with a network jack? When my company brings in a visitor, about the only time we leave them unattended is when they're in the cafeteria in the morning eating breakfast (and as far as I know there are no network jacks in there) and when they're in the restroom (no network jacks in there, either.)

Comment Re:Humbug! (Score 1) 540

Also, it is impressive you can separate the Christmas madness that starts after Thanksgiving from the actual holidays of Dec. 23rd to 31st.

Where are you living? Stores around here started their Christmas madness around Halloween. In my opinion, almost all of those stores jumped the gun. [I'm inclined to give Christmas Tree Shops an okay, since they have the name of the holiday in their company name all year.]


Submission + - Wolfpack Stands Up to RIAA; NC State Says "No&

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The Technician Online at North Carolina State Unversity reports that its Director of Student Legal Services, Pam Gerace, has advised students to remain anonymous, and has indicated her office's willingness to challenge the RIAA's subpoenas. What is more, the newspaper urges students to take Ms. Gerace up on her offer. The fighting spirit of Jimmy Valvano lives on."

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