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Comment Lagrange Points? (Score 1) 703

Wouldn't one or more of the Lagrange points be a good idea [I'm thinking L1]? mabye not the most interesting place, but as a platform for hopping further out it would be hard to beat. Not to mention that those are going to go to the first government to manage to sit a station on them.

Comment Re:Asteroids. (Score 1) 703

Space-faring for humans is apparently going to be necessarily cost effective. Since humans are unable to accomplish anything without a positive ROI we're going to need to make space mining lucrative. Once it gets to the point where mining asteroids is more cost effective then operating a terrestrial mine we will see vast explorations into the far reaches of the solar system.

no joke - if EVE is any example then asteroid mining is gonna be way important, if for no other reason than to give pirates something to lock.

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