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Submission + - Australian Govermant launch "cyber-safety" button (

Techman83 writes: Weighing in at approximately 930kb, consuming approximately 30mb of memory, requiring both Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, is Senatory Conroy's "cyber-safety" button. The panic button has attracted ridicule amongst the industry and at a cost of AUD$136,000 have left many of us asking why? Even still Senator Conroy has stuck to his guns and launched the little red button, that resides in the taskbar and floats over the top of all the other applications just waiting to be double clicked in an emergency. If you wish to check it out for yourself, it is available for download here

Comment Re:Actually great for these companies! (Score 1) 156

Most of the secuirty industry is light years behind the rest of the world, their gear is really basic, the software to manage it is atrocious and the way they operate is very archaic. Imagine the dismay on the installers face when he asked for an Analogue phone line and the best we could offer him was a port on our FXS gateway (yeah not a great idea), we eventually convinced them to install a GPRS card in the system.

Comment Re:Great outcome from Election (Score 1) 222

Therefore it will not be able to pass through either house of parliament unless the Liberal/National Coalition switch their position (which wouldnt surprise me)

Actually I would be very surprised. They would have to do a complete 180 flip on how they've behaved as the opposing party for the last 3 years. Which mainly consists of opposing everything and slagging off at every opportunity. I dare say that's part of the reason why the Greens got 4% of the swing away from Labor and the Coalition (liberals) only got 1.5%. Admittedly they need to change their tactics, but being a conservative party, change isn't going to happen fast.

Comment Re:ew quicktime? (Score 2, Insightful) 162

My facts are my personal experiences over the years, so take that as a testimonial of some random Internet user. But for a better and more complete explanation the quicktime alternative was written for a reason and the facts stated here may go a long way to let you know why. I mean seriously a picture viewer? Also, why on earth would a I want a _Video Codec_ to install a system service for updating and another one for making quicktime load faster for that 1 time every six months I'll use it. Applications that behave in this manner are a personal pet hat of mine (I repackage applications for a living) and Apple are big culprits for doing this (they are not alone here, I'm looking at you Adobe).

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