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Comment Get the word out (Score 2) 19

Dr Paul is surging in the polls because of this, and that's without any MSM coverage that isnt deliberately confusing at best - just interested people that are actually paying attention. Spread those links, make sure your family and friends know what's going on.

Comment Re:One way to look at it (Score 1) 969

And the lesson that so many seem to continue resisting is that you have to have a real plan for what happens after those 200 hours. Something realistic. We didnt have that, we had nothing but dreams of cakewalks and flower-throwing, and that has been par for the course repeatedly over our history when we get involved where we shouldnt.

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

The Fed doesnt create money. It creates currency. Please meditate on the difference between the two until it becomes blindingly clear, and then act accordingly.

While I certainly see the charm in your call to democratise larceny and let the benefits currently enjoyed by only the largest and most successful criminal enterprises to date, I fear your plan would ultimately be just as unsustainable and just as harmful to the general welfare.

Comment Re:Where is your license mentioned? (Score 1) 240

As the other reply hinted at, you appear to be confusing proprietary and commercial. Two very different words with two very different meanings. The GPL guarantees the right to sell the software and aims to create a free market for software, which is the most pro-commerce stance possible. Proprietary software seeks to use lawfare to produce monopoly positions and extract monopoly rents - it's quite the opposite of pro-commerce.

Comment Re:Where is your license mentioned? (Score 1) 240

You can just send them a link to the original author's site.

No, this does not fulfil your obligations under the license.

That was quite intentional. What if you direct too much traffic for the original authors hosting? What if he takes the site down for this or any other reason?

If you distribute GPL software in binary form without including the source code then YOU must personally ensure that YOU are also making that source available.

Comment Re:Where is your license mentioned? (Score 1) 240

Uh no, copyright and other monopoly grants are not common law concepts. You may be thinking of Constitutional copyright, but the truth of it was just the opposite of what you wrote so I dont think so. What you must be thinking of is under the Berne convention which is about as far from common law as you could possibly get.

Comment Re:Where is your license mentioned? (Score 3, Informative) 240

You seem to have learned all you know about the GPL from listening to its enemies. Try reading it sometime. It's not anti-commercial, it's quite explicitly the opposite in fact. It considers the right to sell the software to be one of the package of user rights that the license is here to protect.

Comment Re:Where is your license mentioned? (Score 4, Informative) 240

Your post is mostly correct, but I spotted one huge glaring error.

False. The source must be distributed if it is changed. Otherwise, it is not your responsibility. He was right, you are not.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. You have two options to distribute software under the GPL. You can either: ship the full code with every binary or you can ship the binary alone but commit to provide the source code to anyone who requests it. Whether you are distributing the code unmodified, or have extensively modified it, doesnt matter in the least.

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