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Comment Re:If his judgment is so good ... (Score 1) 114

If his judgement is so good about the mobile phone industry, how did he take the undisputed industry leader and run it off the road?

Perhaps he thinks the new models are missing the navigation wheel and the color screen is distracting.

Exactly this. This person has largely run the company into the ground. If he's sold off his stock - and his influence on the Board... well, as a stockholder I'm celebrating.

(As were many others. Stock closed up 7% today on the news.)

Comment Re:Apps (Score 1) 142

apparently because there are not enough apps there for Vertu's rich customers.

This was nowhere in the article, so I have to assume that the summary writer hasn't used a Windows Phone. Windows Phones don't need access to a bazillion apps, usually, because the phones do so much more out of the box than the other two big competitors. But, all of the major apps are certainly available. I guess if you need 500 different fart apps, then the Windows Phone may not be for you. I only counted about 30 in the Windows Phone app store.

Wait - are you a WP defender or a BlackBerry defender?!

I get so confused anymore...

Comment Re:It ought to be illegal (Score 1) 798

Did you actually read the summary?

The problem here isn't termination - the problem is that he has a paid-for smartphone, and in order to connect it to AT&T's network he's being required to pay a data fee every month - even though he doesn't need or want a data plan. Other providers have told him the same thing would happen if he connected to their networks.

Comment Re:It's the stigma (Score 1) 366

I make this point... if you are so goddamn special with your 10 year degree, come on down and prove it face to face in the jungle, I have already proven it in your steel and concrete world. I guarantee I would win this contest.

Says the anonymous coward - thus offering no evidence that you've proven it in the first place.

Comment Re:Fatter? (Score 1) 299

Why would this make us more obese, this won't make more fat food then we already have, just a new way of doing it. It will just put a few low paid cooks out of a job and leaves one job for some guy that fixes the machine.

No, this was just an opportunity for the author to jump on the American self-hate that's in vogue right now.

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