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Comment Re:It's not dead. (Score 4, Informative) 791

I imagine Microsoft may just release a patch that fixes everything into a "classic" view to gain more sales.

Indeed. Every day I spend with Win 8, I dislike it more. Tried to add a network printer, but it was not auto-detected in the new metro interface. However when I went the old route in the control panel to add a new printer, it was auto-detected immediately.

When such basic functionality is not working in the new interface (which one would assume is actually backed by the same underlying OS components), there's a real problem. This is aside from the unpleasantness of the interface itself, at least when using non-touch or wanting to actually multitask.

The only things going for it so far are the improvements to file transfer and the task manager program.

Comment Do you test third party software components? (Score 1) 348

Do you perform extensive functional tests against third party software libraries before including them in your system? In most situations, no -- if it's established and proven. You trust that it does what it advertises, and only when it doesn't do you dig further.

Same goes for hard drives.

Comment Re:AC: Master Of Bad Timing (Score 1) 266

You may be right. They're still raking in massive profits - investors should be pleased.

On the other hand, eventually it'll go down - we may be seeing the beginning of that now or we may not. The current trend has certainly been continuing long enough to be worrisome - looks like a couple of months now, for the first time since it started its steady rise.

Me, I wouldn't bet on a stock rising forever.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 4, Informative) 442

On the other hand, the Surface Pro has little to offer over an ultrabook - it includes a touchscreen. An ultrabook will have better battery life, and an increasing number are becoming available with touchscreens as well. All within the same price target as the Surface Pro. THis is a product looking for a market.

Oh, and ultrabooks all have keyboards - no extra charge.

Comment Re:TLDR version (Score 3, Insightful) 252

Yeah, you deserve a ton of mod points. I despise how people on Slashdot look down at anybody who's not in 'the club', whatever they might imagine the club to be. Jon Katz was fuzzy headed, but didn't deserve the reception he got here at all. And neither does this anthropologist.

I really wonder why people are so xenophobic.

I think in this case, people are resistant to the notion that they can be so neatly studied and classified.

Comment Re:Cherry-picking much? (Score 1) 499

That's insurers' problem, and has no real effect on the state treasury. And having the cameras makes it easier to pin down blame and liability.

Also the problem of the people who - doing the correct thing - are getting rear-ended and likely injured. The fact that we know who's at-fault and who should be liable doesn't change this, nor does the fact that it's not funded by the taxpayer.

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