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Comment Re:IQ != Intelligence (Score 1) 928

IQ is more a measure of your 'working' memory and capacity to quickly understand new topics

even that is in question. here is a really cool documenatry on stupidity on cbc.

they place some random artist, a rocket scientist, and a member of mensa before a novel problem, and the random artist is the first to solve it.

Comment Re:Spoken Like a True Narrow-Minded Consumer (Score 2, Interesting) 258

We dont need them. Their budgets are way too high, they pay their actors more per film than most people make in a lifetime, and for what...for them to stand around and woodenly repeat lines made by writers who are worse than your average third grader?

trek '09? terminator salvation? harry potter?
give me a BREAK!

We don't need them! The faster they die the better!

Comment Re:how about the closest thing we have to accounta (Score 1) 249

No, I believe in the government stepping on corporate toes, and the the people stepping up to the ballot box to make sure the government doesn't go too far.

Then you are a fool. The government is already controlled by the corporations (which are in turn controlled by the elite) because they control the money and it is extremely difficult to be elected to high office without their assistance and approval. You are permitted the illusion by those with power that your vote maters, but for all practical purposes it rarely does.

Oh I agree corporations still have way too much leverage. If they had as much as you assert, however, the healthcare bill would have been long dead already.

It's up to YOU, and all your friends to participate to get things done. I'm as cynical as you but I keep writing and sometimes calling, otherwise I become PART of the problem, a coward on the front lines.

Comment Re:not a bargain (Score 1) 970

I miss the days of the informed buyer. :( What changed that people don't research their purchases anymore that requires government oversight?

The world has beocome increasingly complex, and people increasingly strapped for time as they slave for wages which have remained frozen for over a decade.

Either a radical shift in labor standards must be put into place to give people the spare time to do this research, or more "nanny state" is needed.

Comment Re:not a bargain (Score 3, Insightful) 970

There's no way that a pigment can cost thousands of dollars per liter.

It doesn't, but the cost to the company is not just the cost of the pigments, it is also the loss leader price for just about every printer they sell; especially true with the consumer grade laser and photo printers. The market has demonstrated, whether through ignorance or otherwise, that they prefer the razor and blades model to paying what the individual items actually cost. This could happen even in the absence of any collusion.

This is BAD for the public, and should be discouraged by law. The "razor and blades" model is what has bankrupted our economy. It stretches one time expenses into sustained costs, prompting horrendous debt. The irresponsibility loss-leaders encourage is easily as destructive as credit industry practices which were recently barred by regulation because they contributed to our economic collapse.

Comment Re:The "free market" is "people"! (Score 1) 249

So, we are giving this power to the government? I don't see how they are any less corrupt.

ok, i'll clarify it for you.

Corporate CEO's answer to a tiny subset of people, the majority of which are likely not even citizens of your country, and they profit from your disenfranchisement.

Politicians answer to everyone in YOUR country, including you, and, despite any transgressions you may perceive, if they even attempt to touch what corporations have managed to perpetrate on the american people they will be out on their ass.

Are government officials disgustingly opportunistic, power hungry leeches on our society? Damn straight! They're also the best we can get at the moment, and are subject to public pressure, whereas attempts to petition the CEO's of AIG will get you arrested for trespassing.

Comment ONLY if they set stricter ISP service standards! (Score 2, Insightful) 250

Right now, when internet goes down, even in corporate settings, it can take up to a freakin WEEK to get it back.. and that's just in every-day non-disaster type situations.

If the phone service goes out (that's a BIG if, i've only seen it happen 3 times in my entire life) it's never down for more than 3 hours.

Until they bring internet up to this level of reliability, I don't want to see it behind the one device in my whole house which is capable of summoning paramedics.

Comment Re:What do you think the government is? (Score 0, Redundant) 249

> Uh, and just what the hell do you think the government is comprised of? Deities who are always neutral and never do anything wrong? It's made of people too, but they're privileged people who are making the laws, which makes them even more dangerous than the free market you so baselessly despise.

More dangerous? I'd say both are equally dangerous, given the same amount of power. But even bad politicians can make good laws. And so long as they make good laws, we have nothing to worry about. If they make bad laws, we need to replace them. Seriously, although they do lots of things wrong, they don't screw up *every* law.

> And are you seriously comparing an ISP's rightful regulation of its internet traffic to robbing, pillaging, raping, and assaulting?

"Rightful" regulation? "Its" traffic!? It's MY traffic they're "regulating" dammit. If I need to vote for a law to make businesses stop pulling that crap, I will. I'd rather it not come to that, but they started this. They were going to start double-dipping and charging people who weren't even their customers. It's only you crazy libertarians (unlike the sensible ones) who get bent out of shape over this, and there aren't very many of you, given how terribly Ron Paul did in the polls. That, or you're too afraid of the government to vote.

> Could some of you stop giving the government so much power, please? We get it, you hate free markets and think government power solves absolutely everything by magic.

Nobody thinks that, although I've seen a few libertarians where you could just about substitute government and free market and make the same statement. Neither one is good and you need a balance of both. Either one alone can and will screw you.

But you wanted to go on a crazy libertarian screed, I guess. You might try posting those somewhere that people care. Though I'm not sure that such a place even exists.

why did you post this anonymously, i wanted to friend you.

Comment Re:The "free market" is "people"! (Score 1) 249

When you remove law enforcement from an area people revert back to their "natural" state, robbing, pillaging, raping, and assaulting. For references, see looters in natural disasters, crime reports during blackouts, etc.

If you think that's our species' natural state then I hope to Odin you don't live anywhere near me as you sound like a sociopath (after all, people tend to think others will act just like they would in the same situation).

Or maybe you've never lived through a blackout or natural disaster and don't really know, first hand, how people react. My experience with both is that people become more friendly to each other, not less, after such an event. I lived through the LA quake in '92, and for days afterward it was so much more pleasant driving around Los Angeles than ever before or since. People would actually wave each other through stop lights that were still out. In LA! The city famous for its freeway shootings.

You may want to rethink your view of humanity. It's seriously out of joint with what I've seen of the world.

new york blackouts, new orleans aftermath, hurricane andrew aftermath, the entire country of somalia, need I go on.

(after all, people tend to think others will act just like they would in the same situation)

I would not treat people that way, but I've seen enough of it, and enough public record of it, to know that's how people would act, and I'm not stupid enough to venture out without defensive armaments in such a situation.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 249

The internet isn't a right.

equal opportunity however is a right. Since even minimum wage jobs now require online application, and you will not be allowed at all to submit applications on dead tree material to any place without nametags on the dress code.

The internet is just as fundamental to modern society as a telephone or vehicle, both of which, by the way, require a court order to be hindered.

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