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Comment Re:Matters of degree (Score 1) 540

Barack Hussein Obama

As in, Saddam Hussein? Are you saying Barack Obama's named after Saddam Hussein? Because... of course, they must be related! Are you telling me that Saddam Hussein is Barack Obama's father?! Holy shit, man, you need to spread this around; tell the world!

Comment Re:Abandon all culture ... (Score 4, Interesting) 309

This is the obvious way to make it not matter at all what they lock down for 100s of years. Laurel and Hardy used to be on every Christmas when I was a child. I haven't seen any of their films now for a long long time. Probably they're all sitting in a vault somewhere turning to dust. I guess it is a reminder than in 10^3, 10^4, 10^5, 10^6 ... years eventually it will all be lost.

Probably, but you can do something: Help keep backups online.

I've found myself become the (apparent) sole custodian—i.e., the only persistent, public seeder that I can see—of a number works. When that happens, I feel an obligation to keep my copy available indefinitely. I consider the personal risk in doing so to be less serious than the risk of one of said works becoming permanently unavailable.

Comment Re:Considering that we kill millions every year (Score 1) 5

[...] of our unborn, I really don't understand the outrage against these child killers. Aren't they really the heroes of the Malthusian Atheists, ridding the world of breeders?

If you want to avert an abortion, you could (conceivably, and in many situations) compensate a woman in exchange for carrying the fetus to term so you can eventually adopt her baby. Can you please tell me a way to stop my government's judicial/extrajudicial executions* and war crimes with such ease?

* I participated in the successful petition to end the judicial execution of people in my state, but that was hardly as fast and simple as the solution I gave you.

Comment Re:TSA, terrorism, gun control, and mass shootings (Score 1) 354

I keep asking if this is so true then why does every nationality and US state that has stricter gun laws have a lower rate of gun death?

States that claim the privilege of killing their own errant citizens are correlated* with higher murder rates than those that do not. Considering (as I do) that state executions and gun control legislation are both authoritarian policies, I now wonder if it's possible that authoritarianism is objectively bad for society, rather than just something I vehemently oppose.

* My own examination was years ago, and I no longer have that spreadsheet, but this brief look is consistent with my prior conclusion.

If anyone has properly sourced data showing the aforementioned gun law/crime relationship, I'd appreciate a citation. If not, I'll post one if/when I get around to it.

Comment Congratulations (Score 4, Interesting) 120

My congratulations to Australians for having an ISP that stands up for the interests of its customers.

I wonder if we could ever get something like that in the United States? Haha, I'm just kidding... I know we can't.

However, I wish you all the best in keeping iiNet—particularly, resisting pressure and bullying tactics from my country's government and its corporate controllers.

Comment Re:Why should Facebook have to do anything? (Score 1) 471

I think it is great that Germany is trying to be on the cutting edge of protecting the privacy of its citizens; but this looks like another example of government over-reach.

If this looks like government overreach, then why do you think it's great that Germany is trying to be on the cutting edge of protecting the privacy of its citizens?

If you mean that this particular instance is an example of government overreach, then are there any occurrences of Germany protecting its citizens' privacy that you approve of?

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

There are plenty of people who want to own guns for whatever reason, and value this higher than a few dead kids every now and then. "For the children" only works as an argument when it's someone else that gets hit with the direct consequences.

The same argument can be made against swimming pools, bottle caps, curtain strings, dogs, vehicles, etcetera.

Comment Re:Somebody's got to say it (Score 1) 2987

Our country makes it too easy for nutcases to have guns. I, for one, would give up the right to bear arms for everyone, and not miss it.

Our country makes it too easy for those in need of medical/psychiatric treatment to be turned away.

Europe and Canada both have universal healthcare and lower rates of gun violence. My idea saves money and maintains liberty. Your idea costs money and sacrifices liberty.

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