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Comment Re:Archer (Score 2) 238

Sisko all the way. Plus he got the best stern-telling-off (of Worf, no less) bit out of all of Star Trek:

"As your captain, it is my duty to inform you that you made the wrong choice. I don't think Starfleet will file any formal charges -- even a secret court-martial would run the risk of revealing too much about their intelligence operations. But this will go in to your service record... and to be completely honest, you probably won't be offered a command on your own after this."
"I understand."
"I have also issued new orders -- you and Jadzia are not to be assigned to a mission on your own ever again... and one last thing: as a man who had a wife... if Jennifer had been lying in that clearing... I wouldn't have left her either."

Comment Re:I reject your patent, M$. (Score 1) 183

Yeah and I'd go further than that what with the fact that a LOT of things are software and a lot of other things are "a chip"... Take for example the iPhone, we had touch screen PDAs for at least a decade before that, yet apple just* stuff in a GSM chip and suddenly it's a new invention?!

Someone takes a phone and stuffs in a CCD chip ... Someone takes a camera and stuffs in a wifi chip.... Someone takes a TV and adds an RJ45 socket and an IP stack...

This is NOT invention. This is digital Lego

* yes yes, antenna, sim card, etc, but you get the idea = Modules

Comment Re:Why are you asking permission? (Score 0) 383

Nice, we should do a Release build of that one.

Seriously, I have quite a control-freakery-micro-manager to contend with at work and this rule helps me out tons. If you try explaining something wonderful you CAN do he's not interested, if you explain something wonderful you're ALREADY doing, then he tends to get with it :)

Comment Re:iPhone dream (Score 1) 301

Rectangular devices with a touch screen and no keyboard of approximately similar dimensions existed AT LEAST A DECADE BEFORE THE iPHONE - nice of you to keep spreading the lie that Apple invented the form factor. Quite frankly, I think sticking a GSM chip in one was a dead obvious evolution, not a revolution.


Also here's a device similar to that one with a colour screen running a web browser. 4 years before the iPhone


A. Psion Fanatic

Comment Re:Build a better mouser trap. (Score 1) 219

nooooo, less buttons! One input per digit, excluding the "start"/"system" button(s) . Am I the only person who finds mouse+keyboard too complicated?

depending on the game, obviously, but in a first-person game why would you ever need more than:

1: Stick - move (click to toggle walk/run)
2: Stick - look (click to toggle zoom)
3: up (jumping,climbing,swimming = terrain sensitive)
4: down (ducking,crawling,climing, you get the idea)

5: melee attack (again, context: if you run then jump then it does a flying kick, if you're stationary and crouched it punches them in the nuts)

6: weapon 1/primary
7: weapon 2/secondary

8: weapon select (single button could be toggle, hold to pickup like halo, some other device such as wheel could be menu-like with click to pickup/drop)

9: use (press button,talk to person, pick stuff up. I remember quake doing away with this, why else would you be stood there staring at a lever? why do you need to "use" a door to open it?)

10: yell abuse

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