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Submission + - XBMC Running On Raspberry Pi (

jones_supa writes: Raspberry Pi Foundation is informing about the capability of Raspberry Pi running XBMC smoothly, turning the board into a media centre the size of deck of cards. Looking at Pi's low price, small size and hardware 1080p support, this could make an interesting HTPC project. Included is a video demonstration of the setup. For this to be possible, XBMC guys have created a customized version that targets the beefier Raspberry Pi model.

Submission + - Pioneer Anomaly Solved By 1970s Computer Graphics (

Frans Faase writes: "A new computer model of the way heat is emitted by various parts of the Pioneer spacecraft, and reflected off others, finally solves one of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics. Previous calculations have only estimated the effect of reflections. A computer modeling technique called Phong shading was used to work out exactly how the the emitted heat is reflected and in which direction it ends up travelling. Taking into account the reflections on the antenna seem to make the anomaly disappear."

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