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Comment Re:Sign the hibernation file (Score 1) 196

RTFA, for chrissake.

The reason behind disabling hibernate functionalities is that currently the Linux kernel doesn’t have the capability of verifying the resume image when returning from hibernation, which compromises the Secure Boot trust mode

The stupidity, confusion, lies and just plain FUD in every secure boot thread on Slashdot is just plain amazing.

Comment Re:Certificates can be revoked (Score 1) 196

Microsoft have already mandated that systems with ARM platforms MUST NOT have an option to disable Secure Boot. Therefore the only software that will boot on these systems is software that Microsoft has blessed.

That's just plain wrong. Samsung can ship Android tablets just fine without it even having Secure Boot.

Last I heard, Samsung shipped a lot of "ARM platforms" with Android and Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT tablets just fine so that means jack shit.

Comment What? (Score 4, Insightful) 264

security researcher Gaurang Pandya

What are this guy's credentials apart from being a guy with a blog?

Amazon Silk browser does the same, Opera mini does the same, what's with this jumping on the Nokia hate bandwagon? Perhaps they should stop proxying HTTPS traffic, but remember in third world countries data comes at a HUGE premium, so these services are a god send, especially with a lot of sites moving to HTTPS by default. I would hope that Opera/Amazon/Nokia are atleast as credible as your ISP though it's an additional point of failure.

Comment Non Sequitir (Score 2, Interesting) 178

Microsoft locked Windows RT down because it wanted to slowly get rid of the Win32 cruft dating back to the 80s and 90s. That cruft does exist now and is used to run things like Office and Notepad etc. but Microsoft can easily rewrite them in the future. What will happen to Putty, VNC and the like then? They will break,and then again we will blame Microsoft for it. That's the reason to lock it down.

Comment Re:Perfect Example (Score 1) 240

I don't get why anti-competitive abuse shouldn't be decried if the company is a non monopoly. Otherwise you end up with a few actors controlling the whole market and raising the bar for entry and colluding to raise prices. For a big example, see the US wireless carrier market.

Submission + - Windows Phone users bloked from accessing Google maps (neowin.net)

Deviate_X writes: It’s unclear if Google is intentionally doing this or if it was an honest mistake but given that Google has stated they will not be building Windows Phone applications, is
screwing around with Windows Phone apps access to YouTube and is killing off EAS support for free Gmail accounts, it’s likely safe to say this was probably not an accident.

It’s unclear as to why Google has gone all anti-Microsoft as of recent but it may have to do with Microsoft turning the screws on Android vendors and forcing patent royalties to be paid for each device sold. Either way, the consumer is once again harmed as these two giants try to become the mobile alpha-dog.

You can still access maps via http://maps.google.co.uk/ in desktop mode, but who knows how long that will last

Comment Video and first thoughts. (Score 5, Informative) 248

Here's the keynote. Skip to about 6:35 sec for the new bits.


Direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpWHJDLsqTU&feature=player_detailpage#t=401s

First thoughts:

2014 is a long way away and a whole year is an eternity in mobile space.

It kind of looks like Unity in portrait mode but without the dock.

What does it bring new to developers that isn't there in Android? Firefox OS's USP is web apps with native bindings(same as WebOS').

It says it uses the Android kernel and drivers to be compatible with the hardware, so will OEM(s) shipping devices with this OSes fall foul of Google's anti-fork rules[1] for Android? Or does that apply only to the Android SDK/Dalvik VM?

[1] http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57512418-94/alibaba-google-forced-acer-to-drop-our-new-mobile-os/

Comment Re:Some problems don't need solving (Score 2) 72

The advertising in Windows 8 just happens to be in a few "Bing" apps like Weather that are bundled in the Metro interface. That is very different from what Ubuntu is doing, which is sending Canonical the search keywords and showing Amazon products for every search you perform in the OS i.e it's more integrated into a core function of the OS, plus it sends personal information to third parties by default. Windows 8 does none of those things.

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