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Comment The real problem (Score 5, Insightful) 245

The real problem, As I see it, is that in the not too distant future:
everyone in the US will essentially be forced to have a Social Network account to be able to function in modern society.

More and more I see all manner of business and government entities handing responsibility over to FB for all sorts of things. It's actually quite disgusting, but not surprising given the (d)evolution of our database driven society. A centralized system of user accounts that almost everything done digitally can use?

When I first saw the subtle changes taking place with FB, things like not being able to contact my local PBS television station unless I used FB , or not being able to enter a contest to see one of my favorite bands unless I used FB I knew it would be only a matter of time until everyone will be forced to have an account.

Currently I don't have one, and never have. However I am part of a group that has an account, and my name and image are located there, so I'm "in the system" as it were.

Once everyone is forced to have an account, then the next step will be for society in general to force those with accounts to update those accounts. There will come a time when via our smartphones those accounts will be updated automatically.
It's almost at that point now:

Who you've talked to.
What you said.
Where you went.
What you bought.
What you listened to.
What you read.
What you think.

Disgusting, reprehensible, wrong

Comment Home Automation, "Convenience"... (Score 2) 146

Home Automation apologists, flame away!

I think things like this are the tip of an emerging ice berg relating to the ip-ification of everything:
  • You haven't upgraded the firmware in your garage door opener?
    • Did you properly set permissions on your gas furnace?
      • Which version of the HomeSafe *nix Kernel are you running in your UPnP'd entertainment system?

      etc; etc;

      To me, all Home Automation does is increase complexity and security risks for some specious conveniences.
      Maybe it's just me, but I would rather have to remember that I'm out of Mayo, than have an ip'd fridge send a message to my Android that I need to pick it up at the store.

Comment What am I to do? (Score 1) 386

I play pc games. I've always played pc games. Can't stand console(except PS...) This has caused me increasing frustration and annoyance in what it takes to play games on my pc. There is more and more logins, accounts, pw's, things to download and run and manage and forums and accounts and blah, blah, blah. All I want to do is play fucking Mass Effect.

I paid legally for the game and am punished, yes PUNISHED by all the extraneous bullshit that now goes along with pc games. I paid for the game, but am treated like I'm guilty until proven innocent.

All I want to do is play ME3. Is that too much to ask?

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