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Comment Re:Next in the series: (Score 1) 232

Can we cut the false contradiction crap? It's unoriginal, not at all clever, and really makes you look like an idiot. Slashdot is not a hive mind, not one giant entity of one thought, but instead made up of many people with many varying opinions. IF you can't even get that right, including anyone who makes similar statements to that I've replied to, it will be hard to take said posters seriously.

Comment Re:The Logica hacking ... (Score 1) 95

All he said is that it is copyright infringement at best. Saying crime a [or civil tort a] != crime b is not saying crime a is ok. I'd defer to my book on discrete mathematics to demonstrate the fallacy in this specific statement. As to your second act - illegal yes - but only criminal past a certain point before which it squarely remains a civil issue.

Comment Re:Furiously scribbling notes (Score 1) 116

I don't need to write anything down to see how retarded this post is.
THERE IS NO HIVE MIND! \ LOTS OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE POSTING THEIR OPINIONS. ' To claim hypocrisy when you're taking different pinions, and making some hoopla about how /. is contradictory, when it is different people in these threads posting different individual opinions, well, there is no word to describe how dumb that is. Get off your high horse, read up on basic logic, basic lingual skills pertaining to debate.

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