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Comment Re:so republicans never get access to it ... (Score 1) 356

No, those are the sane parts of his opinions. Unfortunately they go along with his ideas to change our money to shiny rocks, get us out of all trade agreements, shut down the department of education, remove most federal regulations (but not women's rights!), never raise taxes, and of course his questionably racist remarks.

Comment Re:We need gas control! (Score 1) 1591

The problem isn't with responsible gun owners that take the training seriously and don't end up murdering people, it's the ones that go on rampages or think they need to defend their property from the kid getting his ball or hunt down the minorities in the neighborhood.

You might also note that mass murders happen more often in areas where there are lots of people, Alaska doesn't quite fit that criteria.

Comment Re:We need gas control! (Score 1) 1591

It's more that we might as well take out the low hanging fruit before we move to the more reasonable weapons. Rifles don't really have a use in civilian hands and we still have hundreds of murders caused by them. We've forced car companies into recalls over fewer deaths.

Comment Re:The exception proves the exception (Score 1) 506

Interestingly, any study that contradicts the NRA's "guns are perfect" theology tends to be buried and discredited no matter how accurate it is. When the (I think) FDA department of injuries found that households with guns were less safe, the NRA lobbied to have the department defunded because they didn't think they should be doing research like that.

Comment Re:The exception proves the exception (Score 1) 506

If the government wants to kill/imprison you or take your gun away, they're going to do it. You can't fight off the government, just look at what's happened to the nut jobs that have tried. There was the waco seige where the government overpowered the fanatics in the 90s, even recently there was a guy that burned down his house and hid in a bunker in the wood he had built until a swat team essentially blew it up.

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