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Comment Losing its Lustre (Score 5, Insightful) 319

Do you feel that Ubuntu might be losing its way amongst the more technical users with some of the decisions that are being made? For example, forcing a beta-level UI onto users for 3 versions of Ubuntu from 11.04-12.04, integrating paid search results from Amazon etc. Linux Mint, which is rapidly growing in popularity, would seem to be a backlash against Unity and is a splintering of Ubuntu (in fact the vast majority of packages are identical to Ubuntu). Do you therefore feel that Ubuntu's popularity has reached its peak and is at risk of stagnating or declining?

Comment Re:Headers (Score 4, Interesting) 562

Yeah but if someone gives you a bag containing 1000 pounds of (minced) beef, then you empty the beef out and some of the beef is stuck to the insides of the bag, and you throw the bag away you can't claim that you didn't originally receive 1000 pounds of beef.

I'm not really defending AT&T, just providing perspective.

That said they should definitely be completely transparent about how they measure bandwidth.

Comment good work but misguided (Score 1) 43

Basically it doesn't scale to spend 30 minutes analysing multiple page privacy policies/ToS/EULA, then possibly several hours or days cross-referencing them with applicable legislation. So I think the approach should be to make any lopsided legal document unenforceable, to speed up trade. Imagine if you had to sign a multiple page contract every time you bought something from a shop.

Comment results not statistically significant (Score 1) 405

The result for opening the word document which shows the SSD performing worse than the others (57/10 sec, 48/9 sec, 58/10 sec.) is odd. I didn't notice the author mention how many times he performed his tests, so I am going to assume he just performed them once.

I would like to see this result repeated several times to verify whether it is an outlier, or whether an HDD will have such a large impact on MS Word performance (which TBH I would expect was mainly CPU bound).

Comment Asking difficult questions is a good thing (Score 0) 285

The author is dead wrong about asking questions before he's told you the answer. He says this is bad because you haven't been told the answer 2-5 mins before, therefore this is offputting to students.

Having done some of the Udacity courses, I believe the exact opposite. When he asks a question that goes beyond the taught material, you are forced to think about the problem and solve it, instead of parrotting back what you were told a few minutes ago.

I'm sure being challenged with a difficult question is beneficial for learning, whether or not you succeed in answering it.

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