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Comment Re:So, follow Denmark's example: EV's (Elec Cars) (Score 1) 430

It's not vapor. They have working examples of the tech and it's evolutionary rather than revolutionary anyway so it's not like there'd be any real doubt that it could be done even if they didn't have stations up and running already. At this point the big barriers are getting different automakers to agree to a unified standard on swappable batteries and getting cars and stations built that follow that standard. Admittedly that's not trivial, but it's hardly to the point that I'd call the concept 'vapor'.

Comment Re:Reallocate and re-prioritize. (Score 1) 245

Oh certainly, that can probably solve things for a year or two, depending on just how they were gonna allocate that 500k, but long term you have to remember that FreeBSD is a community project and, in the long term, sponsoring those things is part of how you make the community grow and thrive.

Comment Re:Hard to imagine the vastness (Score 1) 185

You can't just "decide to master faster than light travel" because it's probably not possible. See, as far as we can tell right now, any two of the following can coexist (but not all three): faster than light travel, relativity and causality. Relativity has been experimentally verified to the best of our ability and hasn't come up wrong yet, and if causality can be broken you can get all sorts of weird shenanigans and paradoxes happening. That's not to say it's 100% impossible that there are ways around that, but it's nothing I'd bet the farm on...

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 294

Where do you think they threw the grounds?

Either A) a compost heap or B) a landfill, neither one of which should see anything going into the ocean unless something's gone very wrong with the whole process. Assuming you dump your coffee grounds into a garbage disposal or flush them down your toilet or whatever asinine thing that still shouldn't lead to much of anything making it into the ocean unless we're dumping raw sewage into the Pacific now...

Comment Re:Gotta love politicans (Score 1) 180

I think a big part of the problem is that eduction is still a state by state affair. People bitch and moan about the feds but if you'd ever dealt intimately with a state or local government they rapidly start looking like incorruptible beacons of virtue and competence by comparison...

Comment Re:But but but (Score 2) 74

The harsh truth about old people is that supply exceeds demand. For example in the US there are now only about 2 workers paying into Social Security for each retiree, much lower than what was intended for the system to work.

The system would almost certainly have remained solvent while this structural issue sorted itself out (read:the baby boomers all died off) if the congress-critters were able to resist keeping their greedy little fingers out of it's fund for more than five minutes.

In any event though, anti-senescence research could actually fix this in the long term. If we can start eliminating the negative effects of aging people won't need to retire as early.

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