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Comment Re:Secretly? (Score 5, Insightful) 848

True, but the people who don't look at the evidence or think about the data are in the majority. They get all their information from these guys. They vote, too.

That's why this is bad - a bunch of rich guys are using the ignorant masses as a way to trade the future of the planet for their nth new mansion in some tax haven or other.

Comment Re:Almost free? (Score 1) 272


The idea is to make the thief think that breaking in would be a bad idea. If he doesn't make that decision then no amount of fancy sensors will make any difference, he'll just walk in, grab some stuff then walk out admiring all your expensive flashing lights and sirens. He knows the cops won't turn up for half an hour (if at all).

You'll still have a broken window, broken doors, etc. to clean up next morning.

Comment Re:Simplicity... (Score 2) 272

No, that's far too simple. He's after a high-tech solution.

I still want to know how sending an email will prevent the burglars. Is he going to put up a sign: "Warning! This shop protected by email!" ?

I'm not sure I'd hire him as a security consultant. I might do something crazy like ask a local cop what to do. Somebody who knows the area and knows what sort of people break into shops. That's just me though...YMMV.

Comment Re:Solutions, not problems (Score 1) 130

Comment Re:For the life of me (Score 5, Insightful) 525

I just think this Tesla company is getting all a lot of hype for a car that the overwhelming majority of people won't be able to afford.

Most of the equipment you take for granted in your car (air conditioning, airbags, ABS, traction control, etc.) started life in cars the overwhelming majority of people couldn't afford.

Now a lot of it is mandatory even in cheap cars.

Comment Re:270 mile range seems good (Score 5, Insightful) 525

Yep, and if you can charge it at home then you actually eliminate all those trips to the gas station. How would anybody not want that?

If roadside cafes and/or mall parking lots with chargers become common, the only remaining problem would be the price. We all know what happens to the price of high-tech stuff...

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