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Comment Re:Too light (Score 1) 97

I'm having trouble believing the "16g" part of this story.

a) It doesn't seem possible - equivalent civilian 'copters with smaller batteries weigh 30-40g.

b) Even if it's possible, why bother? They claim it's "to make it easy for troops to carry" but an extra 30g isn't going to break anybody's back (plus the controller looks like it weighs a kilo...)

Comment Re:Snake oil again? (Score 1) 81

I work in neurology research at a university- so far, the jury (data) hasn't decided yet. Increases in cellular calcium ion channel activity result from exposure to EMF. This includes L-type calcium channels in neurons.

Does that also happen if you go outside in daylight? How much activity do you see in daylight relative to a cellphone?

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