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Comment Re:Stop being a douche (Score 1) 539

So you openly admit the machine IS NOT YOURS. You are essentially keeping them from their own machine, which I find unethical. I can't blame them for taking matters into their own hand and rebooting the system into single-user mode and locking you out until you play nice.

Stop being a jerk and cooperate with the owners of the machine you are renting or take your data elsewhere.

Simply because they own the property does not give them the right to invade your privacy. There is still the illusion of privacy here, right?

Operating Systems

Submission + - netboot.me: Turning 'netboot' into 'internetboot' (netboot.me)

Nick Johnson writes: "Netboot.me takes regular netbooting and makes it a whole lot more versatile — now, you can netboot directly into the installers for many popular linux distros, as well as system tools and even live linux distributions, all directly over the Internet, and without any local configuration required!

All that's required to set up netboot.me is a spare writable CD, USB key, or floppy disk to write a small (less than 1MB) disk image to. Alternately, determined geeks can change their DHCP server to allow computers to netboot directly. Once you've done that, booting off the device on any computer with wired ethernet (wifi is a work in progress) will automatically cause the bootloader to download the current version of the menu from netboot.me, which you can then find the boot image you want to boot from. Selecting it causes the boot image to be downloaded and booted immediately.

Best of all, netboot.me lets you add your own boot configurations; once you've tested them, and if they're of general interest, you can file a bug to have them included in the menu system. netboot.me is capable of booting any linux kernel and any other standard boot image, as well as disk images and CD images, thanks to syslinux's memdisk.

The getting started and help pages have many more details on how to use netboot.me, and how to contribute to it. The more boot images in the system the better, so contributions are much appreciated."

Comment Travel the official Software Acquisition Path (Score 2, Insightful) 427

In my experience, your best bet in these cases is to walk the company's official path for software acquisition.

If no such path exists, your first step is to convince management to create it. Your common goal is to get the best sollutions for the problems at hand.

Here is a very usefull link of the dutch government on making FLOSS a viable option for software acquisition:

  --> http://www.ososs.nl/files/acquisition_of_open-source_software_-_text.pdf


Submission + - Building and Running Debian User-Mode-Linux

An anonymous reader writes: Patrick McFarland, the famous Free Software Magazine author, has written a short guide on how to build a Debian User-Mode-Linux image from inside Debian, and also how to connect it to your LAN and the Internet securely. Now, all we need is a beowulf cluster of UML virtual machines.

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