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Comment Re:I wouldn't. (Score 1) 122

Hi there.

Customer service monkey here.

I have seen some s##t.

Usually if a company requires verification of your RMA it's because it gives them an excuse to not ship you the replacement product if they can't get in contact with you.

They figure that if it's enough work for you to get the replacement product eventually you'll give up.

I have seen companies do shady things like:

Intentionally deliver products to the wrong address so they'll be returned, sometimes multiple times.

Intentionally send a broken product as a replacement, multiple times.

Take a broken product out of your return box, put it into a new box and ship it right back to you without even testing it.

Intentionally damage a product and send it to you so you'll have to return it again.

Receive your return item and let it sit on a shelf for months hoping you'll give up on getting a replacement.

Comment Trolley problem (Score 1) 604

Machines can never make decisions about who should experience harm because this decision has been handled by humans using belief systems.

Person A can take an action which would benefit many people, but in doing so, person B would be unfairly harmed. Under what circumstances would it be morally just for Person A to violate Person B's rights in order to benefit the group?

Source: Wikipedia

Comment Why is this a story? (Score 1) 146

I don't understand what part of this constitutes stuff that matters.

Lots of people have mobile offices in their cars. You can even buy caddies and laptop mounts that strap right to the seat in your car, or bolt to the floor.

Before tablets and smartphones became popular I used to have a laptop stand in my car so I could use Microsoft Maps for directions, and I knew of several other people who had similar setups.

These days this kind of thing is pretty commonplace.

I don't know what's up with news stories on Slashdot these days.

Comment Let's keep it that way. (Score 1) 196

I've always seen the learning curve in editing Wiki articles as an idiot filter.

Learning how to format Wiki text proves you have the capability to learn and that your processes are malleable.

I speculate that if editing Wikipedia becomes any easier the quality of content will decrease while the administrative overhead will increase.

Submission + - Wal-mart files a formal complaint about employee demands for fair wages (

ourlovecanlastforeve writes: In a delicious spout of irony Wal-Mart has filed a complaint with an unnamed federal agency claiming unfairness of actions by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and its subsidiary known as OURWalmart; that they are trying to force the store into collective bargaining.

Comment Re:Is this supposed to be humorous? (Score 1) 204

It's fan service for the furries.
Many furries will refuse to participate or use a product that doesn't acknowledge their subculture. This can lead to a significant loss of profit potential.
Brands are starting to recognize that furries comprise a significant and growing profitable market so they're starting to add anthropomorphic options to their services and products.
For further example Second Life has entire sims owned and operated by furries and Everquest 2 added anthropomorphic felines.

Comment It creates invisibility! Psych! (Score 1) 96

Wow, this is sensationalist titling on par with Digg or Reddit. Title: New Earth 2.0 found 2 miles outside Earth's atmosphere! Body: No not really. What we meant to say is that a planet approximately the size of the earth with no possibility of hosting human life was found far beyond the Sloan Great Wall. Same thing, different story.

Comment Re:Judge should make Apple stop dicking around (Score 1) 189

This is bad parenting and you should feel bad.

Getting into a pissing match with your child is only going to make them escalate every challenge you present until the value of the resources you're taking away exceeds the value of winning the argument.

In the end regulation of the resources you're taking away from your child will create enough work that you won't bother and your child will win the argument by default. Then you'll lose subsequent arguments because you have no power with them.

The same applies to corporations. If you set a marker for escalation of the argument the corporation will continue to do bad things only up to the level at which they have learned they will be punished to a degree that their profit margin is impacted enough to cause a shareholder uprising, which means they will continue to do wrong in metered fashion.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is it morally/ethically wrong to ask people to "like" a product? 1

ourlovecanlastforeve writes: Many of the tech blogs I read will sometimes feature a sweepstakes where you can win an iPad, an Android tablet or some other toy or gadget by "liking" them on Facebook or otherwise promoting them in a way that you normally would not do if you weren't trying to win something. Is it morally or ethically wrong for those people to do so? If you're clicking a button that indicates you like something but you really don't care for it, are you lying for personal gain? If so, is the company behind the sweepstakes asking you to lie to promote their product?

Comment I'm kind of over incremental upgrades (Score 1) 341

I don't really need to see TV in any higher resolution. Really it's just an incremental spec bump so Sony can release a new TV that everyone is supposed to buy, then they can release a new media standard which everyone is supposed to buy, then Sony makes a gobfuck of money and I die a little bit more inside.

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