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Comment Re:And I.... (Score 1) 165

It doesn't matter if Amit Singhal "indicated that it would start lowering", I'd be grateful to know if Google is actually obligated to do so.

Who says they should be obligated? The RIAA didn't say that, nor did they imply it. All they stated was that, in their opinion, Google has not done what they said they would do.

Comment Re:Was Zuckerberg always so thoughtful- (Score 5, Insightful) 147

First thought when I read the names Zuckerberg and Brin was; There must be a clause in there which states that to claim the prices means handing over any and all patents.

I do agree with the sentiment that a "hero" is somebody who saves lives rather than somebody who is really good at sports, making money or generally getting themselves in front of a camera. People seem to admire the wrong people nowadays.

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