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Comment Re:looks like a scam to me (Score 1) 15

welcome. this one was pretty easy. I'm thinking Rob Gray is likely a von NotHaus patsy, and doesn't even realise it. He's calling it currency, that makes it a federal violation. He's using the net, and probably phone lines, which immediately doubles up to interstate wire fraud. Calling it a bank is likely another felony. Canadian server ain't going to save him, and may in fact be an enhancement. This doesn't even begin to reach into messing around with other people's securities without a license. Yet, just a skimming search points directly at him from all directions. The guy is a fool, probably believes the crap about the laws being unconstitutional. He didn't come up with this scheme all by his lonesome.

Comment looks like a scam to me (Score 1) 15

The Free Lakota Bank website promises to safeguard other people's precious metals for a fee.

When you bank with Lakota, you can expect us to safeguard your property with our lives. We will defend it from theft by looting or force. We will charge you a fee for this service.

Yet, nowhere on the website of Free Lakota Bank is there any mention of their physical location. There is also no mention of a third-party entity serving in the capacity of auditor or providing any verification of their claims.

Within the claims made by the Lakota Bank, there is the implied assertion they they will not use your deposits to secure any financial instruments, nor will they use it for loans. They have a separate, "General Investment Fund", for these purposes. Since they claim they are only securing your deposits, they charge a service fee of: 0.005%/mo OR 0.06%/yr. That is a nonsensically low fee in return for the service promised. This is a very typical part of a scam. You receive something at much less than its true value. Where do they get their end?

The Lakota Bank does not claim they have been licensed by any entity. They state that: "we issue, circulate and accept for deposit only AOCS-Approved silver and gold currencies" and they imply some sort of affiliation when stating that there are no fees assessed for: "unlimited transfers to accounts at any other AOCS bank". There can also be found on the website an image that says: "AOCS Approved". On the Lakota Bank website's Currency Promotion page can be found:

As the Free Lakota Bank does not sell silver, we invite you instead to access our Currency either through the network of AOCS Approved Currency Officers or by participating in a FreeMarketMetals.com Bulk Order. A Bulk Order purchase may be delivered to you or directly to your account at our Bank. A Bulk Order is by far the fastest and easiest way to fund your Free Lakota Bank account.

Odd that the Lakota Bank claims that they issue AOCS-Approved silver and gold currencies on one page, but then say that they do no sell silver on another.

AOCS stands for The American Open Currency Standard, and lists as contact: Rob Gray; National Currency Director; (888) 538-9990. The other place to acquire minted metal that the Lakota Bank will accept in deposit is Free Market Metals.

freelakotabank.com, opencurrency.com and freemarketmetals.com all resolve to the same IP: It's a Network Solutions shared server, physically located in Toronto, Canada, with over 270,000 other domains hosted on it. All three domains are registerd by Network Solutions. freelakotabank.com and opencurrency.com are both registered to Rob Gray with a contact email server of networksolutionsprivateregistration.com. freemarketmetals.com is registered to an entity: "The Revolution". It's Administrative contact is rgray@revolution.gs, and address given is 7004 Bishop Road #3316, Plano, TX. It turns out that revolution.gs is also registered by Network Solutions, but to "The Revolution", and contact email server is networksolutionsprivateregistration.com.

It looks like Lakota Bank, and the two entities that it accepts metal deposits from, all point to the same Rob Gray, of Plano, TX. Can you say, "lack of transparency?" The AOCS website also lists Rob Gray as the Currency Officer from Texas, as well as being their National Currency Director.

Presently, the AOCS offers a 1oz .999 fine silver coin with a face value of $50. Presently the price of silver on the open market is $10.81/oz, effectively a $49 mark-up over the value of the metal. This is beginning to emit the foul odor of a Bernard von NotHaus scam. If you do not remember, von NotHaus was indicted as head of Liberty Dollar, and many people said the indictment was because they were about to circulate Ron Paul coins. He was marketing a 4- level pyramid scheme that greatly inflated the value of 1oz silver coins when sold to the end retail buyer.

Now if any of you think von NotHaus was or the AOCS is legit, I'm more than willing to to undersell them. For this day only, I will exchange with you 1oz of .999 fine silver for the spectacular discounted price of $30, payable only in Federal Reserve fiat currency. However, my penchant for honesty requires me to inform you would be an idiot to enter into this bargain, and that currently, it is possible to pick up 20 1oz .999 fine silver coins at Free Market Metals for the unbelievably low cost of daily spot market price + $5.25/oz, making it the cheapest of the rip-offs, at a little less than a 50% mark-up over the spot price. It should also be noted that these two suppliers of 1oz minted silver pieces will only accept payment in Federal Reserve fiat currency.

The AOCS gives props to Bernard von NotHaus on their website. Also worth noting is that Rob Gray is listed as a Liberty Dollar Dallas Regional Currency Officer, using the same phone number as is listed as the contact number for the domain, revolution.gs. Gray is also a member of The Austin Libertarian Meet-up Group (picture), and this does seem to be a mite bit redundant, but he also is a supporter of Ron Paul.

Comment if the workers are striking (Score 1) 11

to receive unpaid compensation which is rightfully theirs, resultant from a contractual agreement (union or non-union - written, spoken or inferred), they have every right to strike as a means to receive their compensation, and the government should intervene on their behalf in an effort to enforce the contract. That is an important governmental function in a free-market, is it not?

Are you supporting impairment of contracts?


World's Oldest Rocks Found 254

Smivs writes "The BBC reports that Earth's most ancient rocks, with an age of 4.28 billion years, have been found on the shore of Hudson Bay, Canada. Writing in Science journal, a team reports finding that a sample of Nuvvuagittuq greenstone is 250 million years older than any rocks known. It may even hold evidence of activity by ancient life forms. If so, it would be the earliest evidence of life on Earth — but co-author Don Francis cautioned that this had not been established. 'The rocks contain a very special chemical signature — one that can only be found in rocks which are very, very old,' he said."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - FOX commits changes to wikipedia

HNS-I writes: geeksaresexy[dot]net Has a story about wikiality in action. After O'Reilly announced that the FOX employees have been making chenges to articles on wikipedia a guy sought out the IP address belonging with the edits and started inspecting other articles on edits by the same address. The most obvious to start with were of course the ones about conservatism, democrats and Keith Olbermann.

RTFA to see the changes that were made
PS. I advice you to edit this yourselves

Submission + - Scramjet Rocket Successful Test (news.com.au)

Paul Murray writes: News.com.au reports that the next test of a scramjet engine was undertaken today in the Australian Outback in a co-operative effort by the DSTO and the University of Queensland. Reaching an altitude of 530km, initially it appears that it was a success, however the goal was to reach 10 times the speed of sound, so they won't know for sure until they are able to collate all the data.

Submission + - Rogers calls for 'open' auction of airwaves

Warped_Dragon writes: Canadian cellphone pioneer Ted Rogers insists newcomers shouldn't be given any breaks in the coming auction of wireless spectrum since he believes limited regulation has led to the industry's fast expansion. "An auction is a great way of ensuring that radio spectrum goes to those who can put it to the best use," Mr. Rogers said Friday in a statement. "That's why an auction should not be rigged by special rules — it should be open." The full story can be found here.

Submission + - Creation Museum opening in KY

Noel Linback writes: "A new "Creation" museum is opening in Kentucky. According to a New York time article the museum depicts humans and dinosaurs living together in natural history museum styled dioramas, http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/24/arts/24crea.html ?hp
The museum is being put on by the organization Answers in Genesis, a group devoted to helping Christians defend their faith, specifically the book of Genesis, http://www.answersingenesis.org/home/area/about.as p. The museum site is here http://www.creationmuseum.org/"

Submission + - The Truth About Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Global Justice Allia writes: "In the summer of 2004 with the growing death toll in Iraq, the increasing cost of the war and the now public incompetence of the British Ministry of Defence, four lads with no media experience posed as film makers and set out on a self funded road journey to discovery the truth about weapons of mass destruction.

Despite having no budget and a only basic knowledge of history they soon found themselves amongst stockpiles of chemical weapons (with the full co-operation of one of Europe's ministers of defence). It turns out that Europe has a chemical weapons problem and the lads spend a few days filming the clean up process with the dedicated soldiers charged with this dangerous but gallant task.

With discoveries of chemical weapons which only Hans Blix could have dreamed of this film shows how easy it is for any one to find chemical weapons and explores the possibility that one could be easily be brought back to London. A truly explosive critique of the Ministry of Defence, the weapons 'dossier' and any minister who voted for the war in Iraq.

Dear Friends,

Fourman Films is an unfunded and not for profit group of friends who have completed the feature length anti war documentary, 'The Truth About Weapons Of Mass Destruction'. Prior to this film we had no previous media experience. To view the film for free during June and see more about our grassroots campaign to support the troops, bring them home and demand a full enquiry into the war in Iraq see:-


Now that Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced his resignation from the office of Prime Minister, it is even more important to keep up the pressure to call for a full enquiry into the actions of both politicians and civil servants during the lead up to the Iraq War. The bloodshed continues in Iraq unabated, and there is a growing call from the majority who want the troops home safely and out of harms way. Even the troops are calling for it. We want you to join our grass roots campaign to bring the troops home and demand a full enquiry by grabbing a cup of tea and perhaps some biscuits and watching the latest antiwar documentary for free between June 1st and 30th. You will need 106 minutes to watch it. No Marching Required.

With the mainstream media giving little coverage to the growing protest movement, the Police greatly underestimating crowd numbers at protest rallies and the notable absence of news helicopters at rallies (which would show the true size of crowds), it is becoming ever more difficult for people to have their say and have it heard. The British government has no problems in ignoring the many petitions and George bush has recently Vetoed (dictator Style) Congress's decision to withdraw American troops from Iraq.

There is much talk in the media about Tony Blair's impending retirement and his intention to use his so called 'Skills' in the private sector which will earn him a far greater wage than he is currently on. It was reported that he was in discussions with the Carlyle Group about a lucrative directorship. The Carlyle Group is a major company which has profited from the war in Iraq. George Bush Senior is also a Director of the Carlyle Group.

As Tony Blair personally involved himself in gate keeping the now discredited dossier on Iraq and also promoted and then knighted its author John Scarlet, it is obscene to think that he would seek to personally profit from any company which profited from the war in Iraq. To ensure this does not happen the full enquiry must go ahead and further pressure must be made on the government to hold a full and open legal process.

It is also important to look at what the Ministry of Defence and the Security Services knew about weapons of mass destruction prior to the Iraq War. They told us that we were in immediate (45 min) danger from Saddam's WMD's. The government were also in receipt of another report from the security services prior to the Iraq War, stating that the biggest threat to Britain would only occur if Britain Invaded Iraq. Our film displays Europe's Chemical Weapons Problem and how thousands of these are being found in Europe every year.

In order to see what the Ministry Of Defence knew about weapons of mass destruction before putting us all (and our troops) in harms way I am offering you this opportunity to view our antiwar film 'The Truth About Weapons Of Mass Destruction' for free over the internet in June. It is part of an online film festival which, if enough people watch the film it will be shown at a celebrity studded event at the Famous Tribeca Cinemas in New York late July. If successful we are hoping to give the British Anti War Movement a greater platform where it matters the most to Tony Blair. In the United States.

If you could pass this email on to as many friends as possible then there will be a greater chance of us being able spoil Tony Blair's 'Legacy' and demand a full enquiry that is so sorely needed. We hope that you enjoy our film and be sure to rate it highly after you have watched it as that will give us extra points.


Yours Sincerely

Paul Hanes
Richard Smyth
Patrick Smyth
Michael Smyth
Fourman Films

PS other ways you can support us are:-

1. Pass this email onto as many friends as possible

2. Watch and rate our Youtube trailer at:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=244Dm3pUwgk

3. Come to support the film at the Swansea Bay Film Festival Friday June 8th at 9:30am. Details about Tickets here:

http://thetruthaboutweaponsofmassdestruction.com/b log/index.php?/archives/1-Join-us-in-Swansea-for-t he-World-Premiere.html

4. Support us on the Red Carpet at the Swansea Bay film Festival Friday 8th June between 6pm and 7pm.

5. See the film also at the Glastonbury Music Festival and the Everglades film festival. Details to be announced.

6. Link your web page or blog to our website:- www.thetruthaboutweaponsofmassdestruction.com"

Submission + - Conservatives buy VT Professor's domain name

overlook77 writes: "I wanted to make a website honoring the life and bravery of Liviu Librescu, the Engineering professor slain at Virginia Tech this week. However, a WHOIS reveals that LIVIULIBRESCU.COM was purchased on April 17th by Politech Consulting, a conservative fundraising organization. This raises the ethical question: should a political group buy this man's own name for what could easily be interpreted as a strategic move to deflect a website advocating gun control laws? I am very curious to know what the rest of the Slashdot community thinks of this. http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp? domain=LiviuLibrescu.com"

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