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Comment Re:Barbara Streisand Effect? (Score 2) 700

But right now it's more like boating or flying - "use 1/3 of your fuel coming, 1/3 of your fuel going and keep at least 1/3 of fuel in reserve". In the air or on the water, running out of fuel is at least incredibly inconvenient, usually rather dangerous.

So, it's a completely different mind set. This will likely improve over time, but for now you're going to have pretend that you are an intrepid explorer, wandering the wilds of dark America.

Comment Re:Rejection (Score 1) 148

PNAS isn't 'dodgy', but it has a different twist. If you are a member of the NAS (not easy to do) you have a bit of influence - certainly not all that much - to get people to review the paper. It serves as a bit of an old boys club, but it also serves as an additional foil to the insular tendencies of Nature and Science. To be fair, there is so much published that it's hard to pick the winners all of the time. It's not even necessary. Good research tends to get out, maybe not as fast as some would like but it gets out.

This isn't a race.

Comment Re:Yep. And more... (Score 1) 171

FYI, calling people "sheep" is the easiest way to cause everyone to ignore what you're saying.

Not really, a grammar error will do just fine. The laser-like focus on the misplaced comma will incite a half dozen threads about the Oxford Manual of Style, totally obscuring any point the thread had to make.

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