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Comment RoboRally (Score 4, Interesting) 246

RoboRally, if you can get it!

Richard Garfield, creator of Magic the Gathering, didn't win awards for it for nothing.

Race your robot against your opponents to get to the goal first. Program your robot figurine for each round selecting and ordering basic movement cards (forward, forward x2, backwards, turn left, right, u-turn) using a larger set. If you are damaged, your set of cards to choose from reduces until your registers you've programmed lock into place. Teaches how to think ahead and very basic programming skills. My five-year-old has been slowly learning how to play by laying out cards in order and having me beep-boop the robot into horrible predicaments he programs out. After two games, he seems to have gotten the hang of it and is able to guide the bot to the goal without falling into pits. Soon he will be up against me and my lasers; then he'll know true pain.
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Journal Journal: Rerouting Continental Rainfall to solve Drought problems 2

I live in South Florida, where it can rain several times a day, yet it feels as though none of this water is captured for consumption or usage elsewhere, and the news is always reporting Lake Okeechobee to be at perpetually low levels. I recently visited some midwestern US states during the current drought and thought if we could somehow reroute this seeming overabundance of rainfall northward, it could be put to some use. My mind wandered to some sort of large water pipe system, possibly bu

Comment Mayfair Games already did this with DC Heroes RPG (Score 3, Informative) 130

Back in the 80's, Mayfair Games licensed the DC characters to create the DC Heroes RPG. There were three Watchmen products made (the direct contents of which I am paraphrasing and cannot recall exactly offhand): Watchmen Sourcebook, Who Watches the Watchmen, and Taking out the Trash. Here is an interview with the authors.

Comment What I learned from my Red Light ticket... (Score 1) 433

My wife got a red light ticket in South Florida. She ran a red light in a 40 mph zone. The rule is for every 10 miles, the amber (yellow) light stays on for 1 second, rounded up. This would mean the amber would lit and noticeable for 4 seconds.

Most normal people drive 5mph over the limit because police will never pull you over for going 5 miles over and many counties don't even have a fee for that amount, it's just a citation.

That would mean the amber should realistically be on for 5 seconds for a 36-40 mph zone. Had it been on, I think my wife would have noticed it. 4 seconds is too short for a 40 mph zone. Change the equation and you will see fewer red light runners.

Comment Rename this article, IMMEDIATELY! (Score 2) 284

The title is misleading. It makes one believe Rare Earth Magnets might pose a tactile toxic or radiative concern.

Rename it to "Rare Earth Magnets pose threat to children who ingest them" because otherwise you are wasting my time. My kid doesn't eat magnets and I've known about this hazard for a couple years.

This is not only OLD news, this is IRRELEVANT news to me that you misled me into re-reading.

Comment Buy JumpSmart Trampoline instead! $42 on Amazon (Score 1) 292

The article should offer alternatives. My kid has had the Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline since he was 2 and we have bought 3 for our friends since. They're not that expensive and they all love it. It doesn't tip over easily and it appears safer than any other trampoline. Here is where to buy it on Amazon: Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline.

It's freaking $42. I just bought one for $60 for my nephew 2 weeks ago. :/

Comment Forget about Jobs; RTA and check out the comments! (Score 1) 579

Bunch of people are ragging on the first poster because they didn't understand that he's quoting Seinfeld (and also angry that the poster quoted Richardson's character because of Richardson's public outburst, not realizing he might not have even written those lines). Granted, Seinfeld is 22 years old now, but the reactions are astonishingly dense. Ouch, I just aged myself.

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