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Comment Re:Wouldn't it have been easier (Score 1) 271

I didn't see this personally, but the person that told me would not have known to make this up or do it on his own.

Picture this:

work laptop in work car
employee opens laptop to use it
employee happens to be down town in business areas
auto-connects to some strong wifi (this was a few years ago before things were pseudo-secure from the box)
accidentally opens the viewer for our in-house security cameras
camera software auto-scans for feeds
employee finds this hilarious and calls to tell about how he is looking at server rooms and hallways in some building

needless to say, that made my day.

Submission + - 75 computers stolen from Purdue University in Dec. ( 1

SatanClauz writes: " Purdue University is beefing up security at the campus' computer labs following the theft of 75 computers from two buildings."

Even if the labs were "locked", one only has to be inside of the building to gain access. Utilities that pass through walls are the weakest link here. Unfortunately, having the doors lock from BOTH sides would be a safety issue.

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