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Submission + - 75 computers stolen from Purdue University in Dec. ( 1

SatanClauz writes: " Purdue University is beefing up security at the campus' computer labs following the theft of 75 computers from two buildings."

Even if the labs were "locked", one only has to be inside of the building to gain access. Utilities that pass through walls are the weakest link here. Unfortunately, having the doors lock from BOTH sides would be a safety issue.


Submission + - SPAM: Delta Air Lines sued over alleged e-mail hacking

alphadogg writes: Delta Air Lines is being sued for allegedly hacking the e-mail account of a passenger rights advocate supporting legislation that would allow access to food, water and toilets during long delays on the tarmac. Kathleen Hanni, executive director of, alleges Delta obtained sensitive e-mails and files and used the material in an attempt to derail the "Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights of 2009," of which four versions are pending before Congress. The suit was filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas and seeks a minimum of $11 million in damages., a nonprofit organization founded in 2007, had been investigating surface delays in air travel.
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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Bus Pirate Open Source Hardware Hacking Tool (

An anonymous reader writes: The Bus Pirate is a public domain hardware hacking multi-tool that talks to serial electronics from a terminal interface. It can access SIM chips, Wii Nunchuck output, AVR microcontrollers, and lots more. Advanced hacks can be scripted from Python, Perl, etc. Everything you need to build your own is on the project's page. We've covered this hardware hacker's work previously.

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