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Comment imagine more info flowing out than in (Score 1) 8

I can see there come a day soon enough where corporations and govt.'s jointly sponsor "Have you used the Internet yet today?" PSA's on billboards and buses et al., because the 'Net will be the main source they rely on to keep a keen eye on their markets and subjects, respectively. A new class of software will sprout up from this, that "acts normal" for you in an online life, visiting gmail and failbook and cnn.com and other sites that are "safe" in that they're not ones that make you an "outlier" (/outlaw), around the same times of day every day and for randomized time intervals each. Kind of a vacation lamp timer, for watchful cyberspace eyes: "Nothing unusual to see here... move right along." Because going off the grid/tuning out will arouse suspicions in powerful entities, making them fear you're going to stop buying their brand/you've ceased to be on board with the approved societal pattern.

Comment Re:Wow, another JE for me! (Score 1) 47

A quibble: We are not saved in groups/as a family. You cannot buy salvation for your spouse and offspring. We each have to accept Christ individually. The individual is made in the image of God, but obviously the family has a very sacred place in God's ordering of things. Holding each and every individual human life as sacred does not preclude brotherly love and charity, to family members and beyond.

Not sure why we should be for (or against, for that matter) the race continuing, tho. Better to pray for His return, and the end of this wandering in exile as punishment for breaking the only rule we had in the Garden. I.e. this world is not how God wanted us to exist, and wanting to ensure that future generations are subjected to it seems perverse.

Maybe that's just my American Protestantism talking; I wonder if Catholicism teaches that you can be saved as a family/that you can secure salvation for your spouse and kids.

Comment Re:Wow, another JE for me! (Score 1) 47

It's attitudes like that by that writer (and my sister holds the same view), and the govt. using drones to kill people including Americans, and the Obamacare "death panels" (govt. deciding if you're not worth it to society to receive potentially life-saving healthcare), and the mandate that your doctor must talk to you when you're old and sickly about throwing in the towel, that have made this Right-winger and long-time death penalty proponent abandon that, as too dangerous a precedent.

On top of this around here the police just shoot you if you look at them wrong, and they shoot to kill. And the news media dutifully announces in each incident that they had no choice and were forced to do it and justified, and then that news report ends with no facts or reasoning for the justification. I.e. we're not supposed to question, and eerily no one does.

Combine that with all the violence and death that the Leftie Hollywood has churned out for decades (betcha the Dems won't ban guns in movies!) and we have a culture of death, where all kinds of killings and more kinds of them over time are considered "justified".

Unfortunately it's prolly only going to get worse, as an economy with a Leftie boot on its neck can't support people with jobs, and govt.'s going broke can't support people with welfare, so our collectivist overlords will feel the need to do something [famous Leftie credo (and example of typical logic): "Anything's better than nothing!"] to protect the system/the society (since the collective and not individuals is what is sacred).

Comment Re:moof (Score 1) 5

Unfortunately nowadays no more violent than when the govt. enforces things. Around here the cops will shoot you if you look at them wrong, and shoot to kill. I used to be a supporter of LEO's. But with the ridiculously heavy-handed tactics, and Obama assassinating people including Americans with aerial drones, at this point I'm only slightly in favor of govt. being in charge of preserving order. It's conceivable that could change if it grows even more corrupt in ruthlessness and violence.

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