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Comment Re:Sounds great, would prefer ActionScript / Flex (Score 1) 99

Having the flash plugin is just more more attack vector on my system who's sole purpose is to essentially display advertisements, youtube videos, or horrible "I wish I was a real application" user interfaces. I can't tell you the number of times we have had to rush to update flash because of the threat of infections.

I can live without it. If it can't be done with html and javascript it probably is best not done in a web browser.

Comment Re:Screen size (Score 2) 359

I am with you on size. I think 4.7" is too large. Unfortunately there really no options, you can pick large with good top of the line hardware specs, or small with aging and slow hardware specs. Why can't the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy mini have the same hardware on the inside?

I don't want a phone this large. I really enjoy the size of my iphone 4. I don't want to even 'upgrade' to a iphone 5 sized phone.

Comment Re:Gaming companies need to release titles (Score 1) 768

Hardware companies need to also release hardware designed for linux. I'm so sick of trying to find a high end notebook only to read that it works with a bunch of "except for a, b, and c". I want a dell/ibm/etc laptop with good battery life, a sleek design, large trackpad, wireless N, and a high end video card that works with linux.

Comment Re:Worst of both Worlds (Score 1) 377

So your going to buy something roughly the size of a small laptop, but due to just "a design decision" and not any real technical decision you probably shouldn't buy a arm based microsoft device, but rather a cheap intel/amd based device with roughly the same dimensions but all the features of a first class operating system (running all of your software which the arm version does not have).

I also do not agree with you at all on point a. It underestimates the intelligence and ingenuity of children. They might need kiddy wheels at age 6, but by age 12 they are ready for the real stuff. For point B, there are many college students that can do their work on netbooks, if this arm platform MS has put together isn't at least as powerful as a netbook then it's already pointless in my regard.

The problem here, which is also the difference between apple and MS, is that MS made their arm device function like their desktop. The half assed it however so that while it functions and looks like their desktop OS it has artificial limitations preventing it from being the desktop OS. If I have a keyboard and mouse interface, that is enough to write text and click a button labeled 'compile'.

Comment Re:Worst of both Worlds (Score 1) 377

My point was that just because the tools might not be used by enterprise developers on such a 'cheap' and 'low performance' platform doesn't mean its suddenly useless to bother to put those tools on the platform. Even if you can't get as good of performance there are people who want to write software for windows RT without budgets to buy both a tablet and a desktop computer who would probably deal with slow compiles and a little lag in the UI. Likewise there are children who would use those same tools to learn and grow. We could even point to college kids, who typically can only afford to buy one device. The fact is not allow your dev tools on a platform (that is fully capable of running those tools because it's essentially the same OS) is only stifling innovation and education.

So it has EVERYTHING to do with Visual Studio.

Comment Re:any questions? (Score 4, Insightful) 360

It depends on your history. If you spent a long time at previous positions, then after a few months at the current position you look for work, your answer to the new employer has a nice history of facts behind it.

"As you can see, I typically stay at a company for the long term. Unfortunately, the work environment at my current employer was not the environment I was led to believe during the interview process. Had I know that I would have never left my previous employer. Which is why I am currently searching for a company that is a better fit for my talents."

Comment Re:State legislature, huh? (Score 5, Funny) 240

Someone should tell Dr. Dre, Doc and Dr. J that. Not to mention Dr. Claw, Dr. Evil, and Doctor Who. Hell I know plenty of people with PHD's in all sorts of silly things that put Doctor in front of their name, but I don't think that confused people into thinking they can prescribe meds and diagnose prostate cancer.

In all seriousness though I think they are taking this overboard. There is no service being offered here. It's really no different than making a programming tutorial site and calling it code university or . It's obvious that it's not a 'real' university but just a term to denote that you feel you are a good resource for education.

Their cause is a noble one and they are partnered with 33 real Universities that are fully accredited. I understand where they state is coming from, but it reeks of the same silly zero tolerance laws that expel kids from schools for having a bottle of ibuprofen.

Comment Re:no sympathy (Score 1) 170

We do run everything to a single proxy/firewall. You still are trying to keep up with the blocking. Sure I can tell my firewall to block all proxy avoidance sites and it will, until there is a new one and then I need a update that includes that site (or I have to manually add it). Sure if I only allowed a set lists of URLs then I wouldn't have an arms race, but I'm trying to block content that management feels is not appropriate, not block the whole internet and just allow the select sites. There are always ways around content blocking, especially when your trying to reach a balance between allowing access and restricting content.

Comment Re:no sympathy (Score 4, Informative) 170

That's great, but his list is a list of proxy servers. The purpose of those proxy servers is 'proxy avoidance'. My content filtering automatically filters pages in the category of 'proxy avoidance'.

Therefore, if someone wanted to use his proxy servers (which he's constantly adding new domains to to get around my attempts to keep my employees from avoiding my filters) he needs a way to get them those proxy servers and they need a way to find him. I'm not allowed to block email services, but I am allowed to block sites related to getting around my filters.

This is why email works better. They can sign up at home or on some page before I find and block it, confirm via email, then get updates even if I'm blocking the place where they signed up in the first place.

There is a problem with emails being blocked as well, but that is spam filtering not my active attempt to keep them from getting around my filters. Overall this is the fundamental problem with getting around content blocking/filtering. You have to be able to find the site that tells you how to get around the filtering before the people doing the filtering filter that site.

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