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Comment Re:STILL doesn't prove causation! (Score 1, Flamebait) 358

1. Smoking (anything) raises your risk of oral and lung cancers, including marijuana.

So vape it or bake it into cookies or whatever. You don't have to smoke it.

2. Marijuana lowers IQ in developing brains, e.g. children and adolescents. If you've seen the kind of permanent damage neurons experience after smoking marijuana, this is hardly surprising.

Citation pls. Also who says kids should have it? This is for grownups only, same as tobacco and alcohol.

3. Marijuana causes psychosis in healthy people and worsens it in those with existing conditions.

Again Citation needed. We have just barely started to study this. RTFA.

4. Marijuana is addictive. It's a hotly debated point but the fact is that many people really struggle to stop using it and relapse.

No it isn't.It isn't addictive, and the point is not hotly debated. It is as habituating as any other pleasant pass-time, but addictive, in the way a doctor would define it, it is not. Damn near everyone I knew at school who smoked weed, (which is damn near everyone i knew) doesn't smoke any more. It was no big hardship, you just stop. Coffee is actually more addictive, it will give you withdrawal symptoms, marijuana will not. Look at it this way, over 50% of Americans have tried weed, under 5% smoke it daily.

Comment Re:It's not like it's a new drug or small sample s (Score 4, Insightful) 358

As far as i know the active ingredient is the same as it has always been. You have modern strains of weed that might produce more of it, but so what. We have always had the ability to concentrate high levels of THC into things like hashish and pot oil. The dose you ingest has always depended on what you smoke and how much. Three fat stogies of 1978 Columbian gold or one medium sized J of 2012 Northern Lights and you are in exactly the same place.

Its like arguing that wine is twice as bad for you as beer because it contains twice the percent of alcohol.

Comment Re:brine is nasty (Score 2) 447

"It makes good meat taste like ham."
You're doing it wrong. It shouldn't taste any different.

"BTW, that 155 better be Celsius. It seems high, but any other 155 (K, F, or R) would be horrid."
155F for breast meat is near perfect. Cooked, but still juicy. Some people are freaked out by any hint of pink on the bones. I feel sad for them, but they could cook to 165 or 170 and probably it would not be too overcooked. 155 C would be dried out and inedible.

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