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Comment Re:UEFI (Score 1) 355

The main problem with UEFI is that... it's practically a complex "pre-OS" by itself...

...I'd go with the opposite approach, *unless* a defined boot key is held down then just run whatever is defined as the standard boot option ASAP... If you *do* press the boot key and the simple boot device selection isn't enough you'd have to load an "extended BIOS" from USB/CD-ROM that could have all the other junk to give you a GUI, mouse, network, wireless, RAID etc.

If it's supposed to work "even if you used completely different... hardware" then how is it supposed to know you pressed a key (let alone find the USB/CD-ROM) without probing the hardware and loading the drivers?

; )

Comment Re:I have no problem with UEFI as long as.... (Score 1) 355

For a manufacturer to provide a computer with Windows 8 pre-installed, or to label their product as compatible with Windows 8, they MUST allow end-user modification of the bootloader keys.

So what does that make Microsoft Surface? A toaster?

The important thing to understand here is that we're one Microsoft policy change away from completely fucked: if ARM is allowed to be locked down, then x86 will be too. We need to be drawing a line in the sand right now, not rationalizing the issue away like frogs in a cauldron.

Comment Re:Secure Boot is just a waste and fixes no proble (Score 4, Insightful) 355

I don't mean to gloss over the only real use SecureBoot has: To prevent you from installing your own OSs and Applications, and having control over your own computers.

Nevertheless, you did exactly that IMO. Please allow me to reiterate for the benefit of others:

Technical solutions as proposed above are irrelevant, because the fundamental problem here is that I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO FIND A GODDAMN EXPLOIT TO RUN MY OWN CODE ON MY OWN COMPUTER!

Comment Re:UEFI Signature Infrastructure (Score 4, Insightful) 355

So who decides what keys can be added to the bootloader? The end user, in the case of every x86 board.


If such restrictions are allowed to happen everywhere, they will inevitably end up happening everywhere. The situation is already completely unacceptable!

Comment Re:Not realistic (Score 1) 355

But super-fast and super-hot motherboards of this kind are not what the digital rebel needs, IMO. He needs a small, lightweight, portable system - a tablet would be ideal, especially if it accepts external attachments like the monitor and USB. In reality all modern tablets are already suitable for the task.

Except the ARM version of Microsoft Surface, on which Secure Boot can't be disabled...

Comment Re:Not realistic (Score 4, Insightful) 355

The only way to block this is to make it illegal. But I cannot imagine how you can make microcontrollers illegal today. Would I need a license to own a debugger or a soldering iron?

Maybe you can't imagine it, but RMS imagined it a decade and a half ago.

Much like 1984, it was scary then, but scarier now.

Comment Re:Censored: "secondary market" (Score 3, Insightful) 338

The corporation's legal existence is irrelevant aside from being a convenient form for groups to organize under.

On the contrary, the corporation's legal existence is central to the issue! Groups are perfectly capable of exercising their rights of free speech and assembly without incorporating. Corporations, like copyrights, are an artificial legal construct and a privilege, and it's perfectly reasonable to impose restrictions in return for granting the benefits.

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