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Comment Re:Lanier is a dipshit (Score 2) 212

Post on Wikipedia without logging in, and unless you have something really productive to say, you'll probably be reverted

More succinctly: "Post on Wikipedia, and you'll probably be reverted."

Seriously, change "virii" to "viruses" or "loose" to "lose" and watch your edit get reverted because "either spelling is acceptable" and your edit doesn't "focus on content". Even the simplest, most obvious and least controversial corrections raise the hackles of writers/editors who have staked their wiki-territory and will defend it to the death.

Comment Re:Don't Hide Behind "Blasphemy" (Score 1) 278

That's because the water from outside an airport is exploding water. You need to get your water for $5.00 a bottle inside the airport so that you get that special non-exploding water.

One time I bought the special magic $5 bottle of water in the airport only to have it taken away by "security" goons at the boarding gate. Better safe than sane!

Comment Re:Extra safety (Score 1) 337

Agreed: Routine daily driving does nothing to prepare you for emergencies.

A few hours of high performance driver training each year will do far more to prepare you to react to traffic emergencies than an hour or two of daily commuting will. In your first HPDE course you will learn just how comically bad you really are at driving. Yeah, yeah, you're a great driver, top 5% ... you still suck.

BTW, it turns out that in "must stop now!" situations in a modern car with ABS you're almost always better off mashing the brake (not break) pedal all the way down as quickly as your reflexes will allow. What you do with the steering wheel at that point is pretty important and takes a lot more finesse. If you're already in the middle of a curve you have to be careful, but you shouldn't be driving so fast that you don't have plenty of traction left over for emergency maneuvers. Even if a collision is inevitable and acceptable (it's just a dog) you still want to slow down as much as possible first.

Comment Re:Another stupid summary (Score 1) 260

HR 313: criminalize any drug activity by U.S. citizens overseas, even if legal in the foreign country

I haven't dug into the full text of the bill, but the summary on govtrack clearly does not agree with your summary.

"Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2011 - Amends the Controlled Substances Act to provide that anyone within the United States who enters into a conspiracy to possess or traffic in controlled substances outside the United States, or who aids or abets others in such conduct, shall be subject to the same penalties that would apply to such conduct if it were to occur within the United States. Excludes simple possession of a controlled substance from the application of this Act."

The law would only apply to people conspiring or aiding or abetting within the United States. It also explicitly does not apply at all to some drug activity ("simple possession", whatever that is).

So as long as you wait until you're out of the country before you begin conspiring or aiding or abetting, then you're clear of this law. You can still fly to Amsterdam with intent to toke up. Just don't make specific plans with anyone else (that would be conspiracy) to do anything more than "simple possession" before you leave.

Comment Re:Fairness (Score 1) 442

To be fair, the fee for the review should only be charged if the customer is found guilty. If the customer is innocent, then the accuser should be charged a fee. In addition to the amount for the review, the accuser should be forced to pay for at least one month of service for the customer, to compensate him for the inconvenience.

No, to be fair the accuser should always pay. If the customer is found guilty the accuser has extra ammunition for a lawsuit, where they can recover that fee as part of the damages.

Comment Re:You think this is a Game? (Score 2) 483

Resolvers generally query multiple (or all) name servers for the domain simultaneously, and take whichever response comes back first. As long as one server is responding reliably, everything will work transparently for clients, though perhaps a bit slower. If that one server ever drops a packet then clients could see a long delay or outright lookup failure.

Comment Re:galaxy s 3 shouldn't be under the banhammer. (Score 1) 385

Or maybe because Fuck Apple In The Ear. I will never give a fucking cent to Apple because of this patent bullshit they're pulling.

Well, I might reconsider IF they drop all their patent suits, AND open-source all their software, AND donate all their cash reserves to charity, AND move all their manufacturing to America, AND a lot of other impossible things happen.

Fuck you, Apple. Fuck you.

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