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Comment Everything old is new again (Score 2) 163

Back in the early 60s, there was still a vast amount of military electronics surplus available from WWI and the Korean wars. This cornucopia of gear was the delight of all of us young radio and electronics enthusiasts. The amateur radio press of the time warned that occasionally equipment would turn up that still had thermite scuttling charges in place - apparently some bits of gear were sensitive enough that they included thermite bombs built in that could be easily triggered when capture was imminent. I never personally saw any, but saw pictures in the journals of the time. So, anyway, this is hardly a new idea

Comment VMS never had this problem (Score 1) 492

After having the time overflow on a previous offering, DEC made sure this wouldn't occur anytime soon in VMS. Quoting from the Wikipedia article on VMS, "The 100 nanosecond granularity implemented within OpenVMS and the 63-bit absolute time representation (the sign bit indicates absolute time when clear and relative time when set) should allow OpenVMS trouble-free time computations up to 31-JUL-31086 02:48:05.47. At this instant, all clocks and time-keeping operations in OpenVMS will suddenly fail, since the counter will overflow and start from zero again." VMS engineering assures us that a patch will be available to take care of this problem several years before the overflow occurs.

Comment An unintended consequence (Score 1) 1591

Banning so called assault rifles will cause those who intend mass mayhem to switch to a far more devastating close range weapon - the 12 gauge pump shotgun. I'd much rather face someone with an AR and a 20 round magazine than someone with 8 rounds of 00 buck in a shotgun. And, lawmakers don't dare tray and ban them - they are way too popular for hunting, and it would ruin their strategy of trying to pit the outdoor sportsman type gun owners against the ugly black military style weapon owners.

Comment Re:Clip (Score 1) 1862

Just last month, a woman was cornered in a house during a home invasion and fired all six rounds out of her revolver. She hit the goblin five times, missed once. The attacker, although hit five times, was still in good enough shape to flee the house. He could just as easily kept attacking and killed the woman and her children before his blood pressure fell enough to stop him. She could very easily have needed a high capacity magazine to continue her defense. Real life isn't like TV - people hit with one bullet don't usually fall down dead, or even stop their attack.

Comment Re:Sucks to be him (Score 4, Informative) 298

The same thing happened to me, and the anti harassment laws were useless to help. Here's why - the anti harassment laws only protect the person they are looking for. Since you are not the person they are looking for, they can call your number as often as they like - you can't request they stop, since you aren't the person with the debt. Only the person they are trying to collect from has any protections under the law. Calls to the police and the state Attorney general's office yielded no help at all. Begging and pleading, reason and logic, they fell on deaf ears - these people were going to call three times a day and there was no way to stop them. I even tried imitating the person they were looking for, in order to invoke the law telling them to stop calling, but my deep voice couldn't produce a realistic woman's voice (the deadbeat was female). I finally had to forward my calls to a non-working number for a week. The "doo-doo-DOO you have reached a number that is not in service" message they got when they called convinced them I had changed my phone number and they couldn't call me anymore....

Comment Re:Good plan, but not for those results (Score 1) 470

You would be thermodynamicists always give me a swift pain with this trival over simplified conceptualization. Saying "Energy in = energy out" as if it is a profound solution to the problem of obesity, in a system with as many feedback loops and mechanisms as a human body has make as much sense as trying to control the speed of a modern computer controlled fuel injected car by restricting how much gas you put into it.

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