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Comment Re:$3600 ship (Score 1) 398

Because the first thing any opponent does in this situation is have tacklers web and warp scramble you. And they'll start bumping you to push you away from directions they don't want you go.

But how did the battle end? It would have to end with all ships of either one or the other side all killed. Unless both sides can agree to stop shooting, which I can't imagine possible with so many players.

Comment Re:Start of something big. (Score 1) 171

I know you jest, but seriously, some functions just don't conveniently tie into an all-in-one device. Smartphones take crap pictures, for example.

Modern smartphones take pictures that are good enough for many people, like Ben Lowe, who does photography for the big boys (he uses an iPhone):

Comment Re:how about REMOVING ARBITRARY PASSWORD LIMITS! (Score 1) 480

True story. I get my mobile phone plan, as well as broadband Internet, from the same company. The broadband branch of this company regularly sends out email newsletters, one of them about how to create a strong password. They advise including things like hyphens, underscores and what have you.

So I thought, finally they cleaned up their act! I try to change my password for the "webcare" site of the mobile phone department of said company, and.... get the error message "your password contains illegal characters".


Comment Re: You got that right. (Score 1) 372

Actually I don't think that's really surprising. My girlfriend is a teacher and can use the Internet reasonably, uses a word processor (either OpenOffice or Word), copies her pictures from camera to hard drive etc. But the term "operating system" is somewhat of a jargon for her. This splitting of hardware and system software, that's something that she understands but doesn't know the terminology.

Comment Re:Because the 35 year olds have gained wisdom (Score 1) 441

I am suddenly afraid my career potential is limited. I am not even quite 40 yet.

Who cares? Why don't you just do fun work, instead?

I'm pursuing a nice, mentally satisfying workday. I'm not pursuing something abstract as "career potential". I don't need bigger homes and faster cars. I just want a nice job and two warm tits besides me at night.

Comment Re:really? (Score 2) 441

You're hitting the nail on the head. I'm working at a scientific institute, and I'm surrounded by geriatric old farts. And I love them because it's impossible to do a project without them. We do space projects, putting infra-red cameras on satellites. These projects usually take a minimum of 10 years. This managing director its business is just that -- a big corporate business.

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