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Comment Re:Thats got to be wrong... (Score 1) 168

It's correct to an extent, but with Salesforce you also get (depending on your edition, but for Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition) 20MB per user once you get to the 1GB minimum (basically after 50 users you start accruing 20MB per user). Keep in mind that this is for data storage on the DB (First Name->John...etc), not "file storage" (e.g. word docs, PDF's, etc). Those are still pricey, but less expensive.The "file storage" as they call it comes with a baseline 11GB and 600MB per user. You can purchase 10GB for about $40/month.

Comment They forgot the XBox 360! (Score 1) 255

Wow they actually forgot to include the XBox 360's tile system which does the same thing...Still, I can't believe this kind of obvious stuff is still getting getting patented! "Box Ads" have been around for years, I'm shocked they're targeting Microsoft. Google would have made a much bigger target with Google IG, and Google has a lot more $$ than Microsoft at the moment. Also, this Patent was granted in 2004 and Google IG came along shortly there after (2006 or so?) this is ridiculous.

Comment Re:No one see's a problem with this? (Score 1) 278

PS3 may be a bad example, but hey Iran has physical access to one of our drones. Who's to say that they couldn't figure some one of getting access to the machine or the broadcasting equipment? When you have something that has the ability to bring death and destruction on a massive scale, you don't remote control it. Even the ICBM's we used to have weren't remote controlled, you programmed the things to go where they were going to go and push the button. That's it no fuss no muss, no chance of an enemy getting control of it and turning it around (not to mention the physics involved, but my point is still valid)

Comment Re:No one see's a problem with this? (Score 2) 278

Think of it like this, if it's remotely controlled once, probably not a big issue because I'm assuming that they're only operated for a short window of time in which it's hard to analyze the signals. If you're using a bomber on a long range mission, you're allowing people to monitor the signals for hours and hours. That gives people the ability to track and monitor the signals for holes and/or patterns. Not to mention DoS attacks. Oh and how stealthy could something be with a transceiver with enough bandwidth to handle the video and control feed? Unless it's being controlled by tight beam which would kind of defeat the purpose....

Comment No one see's a problem with this? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

Drones I can understand, they're primarily detailed to doing surveillance or limited to small munitions, but now we're talking about a full bomber that could be remote controlled? Seriously? There's nothing that can't be hacked! If it's controllable by something outside of the craft itself, it is vulnerable to hacking! Oh let's give enemies the opportunity to hack our BOMBERS, with a Nuclear option no less!

Comment Boats... (Score 5, Interesting) 314

It would be interesting to see what would happen if the coating was applied to a boat. Would the boat be fouling proof? Also, would it go even faster because it's coated in a hydrophobic substance? Hmmmm...The geek in me wants to get a toy boat, test its performance, then have them coat it then test it again and see if the performance improves by a measurable amount.

Comment Re:Jim Butcher (Score 3, Informative) 647

I heartily agree...Come to the Dresden Side because:

a) Harry Dresden has an....adverse affect on technology as he says, "I can take out a Xerox copier at 50 paces"
b) Harry Dresden follows the tao of Peter Parker
c) Dresden gets messed up worse than John McClain on his very worse day
d) Lines like this:

“Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face.” - Harry Dresden


Murphy: “I've been fighting this computer all day long. I swear, if you blow out my hard drive again, I'm taking it out of your ass.”
Harry: “Why would your hard drive be in my ass?” -Harry

So as I said..come to the Dresden side you'll laugh your ass off :)

Nightingale Media Player Preview Released 79

First time accepted submitter ilikenwf writes "You may or may not remember the Mozilla-based Songbird media player, which dropped official Linux support in April, 2010. Since then, the Nightingale community fork has waxed and waned in terms of membership and progress, but thanks to having a completely new dev team has today produced a preview build based on Songbird 1.8.1. The team promises a release of a Songbird trunk based build later this year, with fixes and an upgrade to Gecko 6. Plans to support Linux, Windows, and Mac are in the works, with the preview builds being available only for Linux and Windows at the moment. Aside from trying to pull in refugees from the Songbird community, Nightingale wants more developers to aid in fixing dropped and broken features from Songbird — and to add new ones."

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