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Comment Re:Missed all the excitement this weekend (Score 1) 20

Replying to myself again. Guess it's obvious that I don't apply "Measure twice, cut once" to slashdot posts.
My above definition is not meant to presuppose that racism never happens due to ignorance on the part of the racist. I suppose my definition is motivated by the thought that a person willing to examine and change their racist thought patterns is at worst participating in racism due to laziness of thought, and at best due to such tunnel vision or restricted experience as to have not had a chance to think about such things.
A more accurate and probably uselessly general definition of a racist is anyone who ever engages in what I described in my first post.

Comment Re:Missed all the excitement this weekend (Score 1) 20

Just reread the entry, and realized I was supposed to define a racist, which is slightly trickier, and much more subjective.
A racist is someone who engages in racism even when confronted with the fallacy of their decision making process. That is, a racist is engaged ideologically in racism, and holds such racist doctrines dogmatically.

Comment Re:Second entry (Score 1) 23

Afraid to address the substantial questions? You still haven't responded to dr's question.

Can you point to a version of the bill that actually contains universal health care, or your dreaded "ObamaCare"?

Your trolling behavior doesn't surprise me, but your concern being shamed by addressing real questions seems to indicate that you're actually not the fearless devil-may-care troll you're attempting to portray.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 18

People will realize it sooner or later - both parties suck. All these games they play for popular support just obscure the fact that we're the school dweeb stuck voting on which bully's foot is going to kick us around, and most people are happy pretending that that is freedom.

Comment Not sure this is a profitable discussion subject (Score 1) 28

I'm not too sure about slashdotter's ability to discuss ethics after responses the last time this came up.
However, I am curious about Coburn's "facts", I haven't been able to find anything to substantiate his claims (which, if you take the same moral position as I do in regards to abortion, is a critical thing to get right). Apparently I'm not the only one at a loss for a source, other people are looking unsuccessfully for a study that backs him up. I only found one site that listed a source of sorts for the figure, and they referenced the Ohio Department of Health, but not any specific report. I haven't been able to turn up any reports that even comment on fetal brain activity anywhere on the ODH website.
I'm curious if anyone knows the source for those two numbers. Without seeing that, I'm thinking that Coburn has just bought into some sort of fetal development myth.

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