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Comment Re:put up or shutup time (Score 2) 356

Your interpretation is too narrow.

If this were a fantastically gifted campaign manager we were talking about, like Carville or Rove, nobody would blink at the idea "we must prevent the other side from using his talent."

This is software used to manage talent. It is politics as usual to prevent your opponents from matching your advantages. It is not illegal or even immoral to try to win by being better than your opponent.

Comment Re:put up or shutup time (Score 1) 356

TDon't vote... please. If only the people that actually cared about this country, and the people having hellfire missles landing in their livingrooms got to vote, then maybe we'd get somewhere.

You have just called for VOTER SUPPRESSION in so many words. Will you now backpedal, saying that's not what you meant, or stand by your words, proving yourself a dangerous idiot?

In other words: Good luck getting only the people who agree with you to vote.

Comment Re:Who is "Ryan?" (Score 1) 356

I'm no expert on what linguistic parse trees should look like. But hopefully this will help your parser somewhat:

{The {political {folks}}
    {to keep
            {the {{get out the vote} code}}
            {closed source}

Or, rewriting the original:

The political folks want to prevent the voter turnout enhancement code from becoming open source.

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