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Comment If life were fair (Score 1) 6

Then you'd deserve each an every horrible thing that ever happened to you. And every baby that died in a fire would have been guilty of something bad enough to warrant that.

I think I'd hate thinking that our world, in the state it is in, is a fair place.

Comment Re:Pffff Warming ... ice age ... they're both comi (Score 1) 747

No, it wasn't. The rise in global average temperature was first anticipated by Michael Faraday, and the idea has only strengthened by additional evidence.

The Global cooling thing from the 1970's was a short-lived idea that never gained consensus, and was clearly wrong.

The only people that bring it up now are Teabaggers and other climate change deniers. And besides, past ideas don't discredit current ideas. After all, scientists used to think all kinds of weird things, and now they don't. It doesn't mean that scientists can't be trusted, it just means that they have better ideas now.

Better ideas now. Try to pick up some better ideas for yourself, you might enjoy it.

Comment Re:Fucking sweet! (Score 1) 200

I'll take a turbopump failure over a particularly nasty solid rocket failure.

Violent combustion forces inside can rip chunks of material from the propellant mass and jam it down into the nozzel. If the chunk is small, it just increases the chamber pressure a bit. Or maybe lowers is. If the chunk is big, the whole damn thing stops up and bursts within milliseconds.

Comment Re:Gee, if only someone could have warned everyone (Score 1) 12

There's a little nuance there. For the most part, crazy people believe 90% of the same things you believe. If you go to Pudge's house, you'll find that everyone there believes you should shit in the toilet and not in the kitchen sink. And you know, he's right about that. Crazy people are just like you, mostly. Good and bad mean everything to crazy people. But you know, good and bad mean almost nearly everything to sane people too.

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