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Comment Re:The Drones (Score 0) 114

One thing I cant understand about this whole thing; how is it possible they blanket label everyone on the receiving end of the hellfire missile as 'enemy combatant' or 'a dog', even if theyre just civilians and or children.

Note to Self: It's very dangerous to be around people associated with groups engaged in acts of violence against the US no matter how justified I feel they may or may not be. I should avoid them, especially at funerals.

Comment It's all about masturbation, Mr. Carrier (Score 4, Informative) 240

Then arms were made for masturbation. Otherwise why would they not be that length? If they were made for punching, they would be very much longer to minimize the risk to oneself from an attacker. Hands were then made for masturbation as well, otherwise why put them at the end of the perfect length of arm?

Comment Re:This will obviously help. (Score 5, Insightful) 511

You are preventing them from engaging in commerce and public life.

It's basically Amish shunning or Hawthorne's Scarlet letter but without the obvious initial "buy in" of joining an extremist religious cult first.

The sacred cow will ensure the precedent is set in general so that it can be applied to YOU next time.

I believe the intent is to prevent pedophile pedators from clandestinely communicating with potential underage prey. However, since sex-offender status is applied to more than just pedophiles, I would think that this is overly broad.

But since creepy and pervy is so creepy and pervy and decent people don't want to be associated with creepy and pervy and doing so may alert law enforcement, I doubt anybody will actually object to this treatment. They basically adopt the "don't do kiddie porn, don't fark teens and kiddies, don't rape or grope anybody and don't expose yourself in public if you want to play online games" attitude.

Comment Re:Why Not A Distro Agnostic Steam? (Score 1) 353

This is a binary release, with most components statically-linked. Well, there are some system-level dependencies involving video drivers, and OpenGL support in X, but nothing specific to Debian. I suppose that with some tweaking you could use it on any x86-based linux distro. As I told below : it works well on Gentoo, and others have already reported it working on Arch, Mint (maybe Debian itself ?)
Can't see why Suse and Fedora couldn't run this.

Then it would be simple for the devs to release it as a distro-agnostic package and it would not require "tweaking" for anyone. I wonder why they have not done that and still continue to release for Debian/Ubuntu only?

I can't run it on Mageia2 because it doesn't have a current-enough version of glibc. 8(

Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 2) 354

I imagine it would be technically trivial to simply require that *both* numbers link to emergency services. It would be easy to do, and would make things a lot safer for visitors in either America or Europe who may only be familiar with one or the other.

Easy peasy, and no argument needed.


Done in one.

My God, both a first post and a reasonable response. What is the world coming to?

But please /.'ers, don't let that stop you from arguing since the world ends in 9 days.

Comment Re:Self-hosted for development (Score 1) 303

I'll try and make the first useful comment of the discussion (so, it has nothing to do with the article).

I've been using Vagrant to manage development VMs. It automates using VirtualBox. There's an example on that homepage:
$ vagrant box add base

Can it handle anything other than Debian-based distros? The web site seems silent on that.

What .box choices are available?

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