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Comment it's not about how much you use it.. (Score 1) 307

What they're pointing out, and what I have noticed personally, is that once you discontinue use after a long period of time, you experience physical and mental symptoms of discomfort/boredom/trouble concentrating/anxiety, etc. So while you're using the Internet and technology, you undergo a physiological change similar to what an addict might experience while using, ie extreme pleasure/release of dompamine/wathever... and your body has a similar withdrawal reaction when it goes without.

Comment Re:Translation for the legislative impared. (Score 1) 703

I think you're all wrong about what he means by being a victim/perpetrator; he might be talking about statutory laws that make it illegal for children to consent to engage in sexual activity. Somehow he seems to be a believe that sex-ed will promote underage sex with peers, and in by doing so be a victim and violate someone else at the same time. Perhaps?

Comment Re:Don't forget Bing cash back (Score 1) 514

Another thing to point out, Bing is the only other search engine on the market that can compare to Google's search results, and often times it is a good alternative if you weren't able to find what you were looking for. Being the only other option available, naturally you're going to get some extra traffic that way.

Comment Don't forget Bing cash back (Score 1) 514

Only thing I'm using it for at the moment is Bing cash back. If you're searching for something that you can buy, many websites have teamed up with Bing to offer discounts and money back if you found the link through Bing. The deals aren't really that great though when you do the research, many of these websites are offering the same promotions via coupon codes and back entrances on their websites, and when it is a bargain, that can be accounted for by the fact that you pay the money all upfront and receive the money back later, after they've managed to earn interest and been able to do other things with your money (ala mail-in rebates). It's also a great way for these websites to promote itself with tech savvy buyers that know the ins and outs of bargain hunting on the Internet.

Comment x.com (Score 1) 128

Hasn't PayPal always owned x.com? if I recall, you used to access the website at paypal.x.com and it wasn't until a few years ago that they started using paypal.com.

Comment Re:Intel My WiFi (Score 1) 234

With Intel My WiFi, the computer acting as a access-point opens up the door for a lot of devices that won't connect to ad-hoc networks, such as Nintendo's Wii and DS. Configuration is also simplified because IPs and DNS don't work over ad-hoc without configuration (like manually assigning IPs), whereas the access point includes DHCP and DNS servers that set all that up for you (useful for LAN gaming, filesharing, etc).

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