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Comment Re:so before Sandy Point, they were idiots? (Score 1) 528

So one would be hard-pressed to argue that there is a positive correlation between gun control and murder rate (regardless of weapon).

Oh, what nonsense.

The US is by far the highest of the developed nations on that list. The next one after it is Finland, with half the murder rate of the US, and all Western European countries have rates 3 to 5 times lower. Japan has some of the strictest gun laws around (no guns for anyone, essentially), its murder rate is 14 times lower.

Sure, if you want to compare the US to Colombia, Uganda, and Sudan it looks great. It's also utterly ridiculous to say that the difference has anything to do with gun laws.

Personally, I don't think the US's #1 spot has that much to do with gun control, or that banning guns tomorrow would magically transform the US into Germany. But to say there is no correlation is just stupid.

Comment Re:First thought: Bullshit (Score 1) 221

Maybe you are exactly do you expect the journalist to know this is wrong? Ask a PhD? That's what he did. Maybe he can find another one who is on the opposite side of the issue.......

I have to admit, I honestly don't know if you're being facetious (so, never mind if you are), but yes, that's essentially a journalist's entire job description: doing research to confirm whatever someone is telling them is kind of the whole reason they are there.

Comment Why do they want this? (Score 1, Interesting) 80

We're stuck with JavaScript in webapps (where there are plenty of excellent implementations already), but the JVM has little to do with that.

If they just want a native general purpose scripting language for the JVM, then JS seems like a terrible choice.

At least, the work that goes into this project should benefit other dynamic languages on the JVM as well.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 2) 134

The Tesla/Edison thing does tend to get overstated a bit, but your last example doesn't actually include any contributions from Edison.

It's precisely the system that Westinghouse and Tesla were advocating, and the adoption of which Edison tried to stop because he was so invested in DC power distribution. It's not like he invented the concept of direct current itself.

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