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Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 562

Those points are smoke in mirrors. Credit card companies get the money to give you perks in part because they charge businesses a couple percent for credit card transactions. In turn, the businesses charge the customers -- either directly like Verizon or indirectly by raising rates.

In that case, if they aren't charging you directly for paying with your credit card then it would be foolish not to use it. They are going to charge you with higher rates regardless of if you use the card, so may as well use it and get something for your money.

Comment Re:SHOULD "Apps" Cost Something? (Score 2) 523

It's true that the price you usually pay for an app influences how much you think an app is worth, but you are ignoring that the quality of the app is also a large factor. I've paid $8 for an app that I would gladly pay more for because I use it constantly and get so much in return. For another app I paid only $0.10 and still didn't feel like I got my money's worth. It matters not one bit to a customer how much time and effort you put into making an app, if the app doesn't fulfill your customers need then it isn't worth a cent to them.

Comment Re:Why BASIC? What for? (Score 4, Interesting) 783

That said, the reason we don't have a nice "visual basic" for phones is because Apple and Google does not WANT that on the platform. They do not want people writing their own apps easily. It's not profitable to allow everyone to write their own custom apps.

Whey did Google create this then? It sure looks like an attempt to enable app making for everyone.

Comment Re:Universe is too Strange! (Score 1) 164

You, sir, are wrong. What they good folks at the LHC are doing is smashing things together and observing the results. Get that? Observing, the root of all science. Was Newton not doing science when he observed that (apocryphal) apple falling from the tree and came up with gravity? Was Mendeleev not doing science when he observed how certain phenotype were passed from generation to generation and came up with genetics? Was Darwin not doing science when he observed the differentiation of different species in the Galapagos Islands and came up with evolution? Was Einstein not doing science when he used the observation that light is always travelling at the same speed and came up with relativity?

All of these notable scientists of the past were indeed doing science, just as it is being done at LHC. Observe, hypothesis, then test. That's how science works.

Comment Re:Chibi Higgs? (Score 1) 164

Being equivalent to gravity is not the same as being caused by gravity. Think about Einstein's original though experiment about the elevator. The point is that from within the elevator if you are feeling uniform acceleration it is impossible to tell the difference between a stationary elevator in a gravitational field or an accelerating elevator floating in space.

In short i think you're confused because you have it backwards. Not all forms of acceleration are gravity, but gravity is a form of acceleration just like any other.

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